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WORLDS LIGHTEST DEEP ALLOYS : Kinetic-One “K1-42SL Vapour ” Alloy Aero Wheelset



They are so light they are as good for climbing as they are for Time Trial and triathlon. And with the reassurance of alloy braking and high-strength..... they may just be the only set of wheels you ever need..


As low as 1497 Grams for a 40mm deep wheelset. (Rider Weight Limits. Max 90Kg 20/24 spokes,  67.5kg 20/20 spokes)

How is this even possible? - when the lightest wheels offered by the big brands are factory wheelsets over half a pound heavier. (1700 grams being about the lightest we could find!)

The answer is pretty simple. Take the best aerospace alloys and lightest (affordable!) hubs and spokes. Then pay huge attention to every detail down to spoke nipples and rim welds. Then hand build these wonderful components to incredibly tight tolerances and you're there.

And whilst these wheels are really very light - they are also very strong!

 The Vapour's are constructed from the highest grade Nickel strengthened superalloys - these are aerospace grade materials requiring extremely sophisticated manufacturing processes. Very few metalworkers are able to make and work with superalloys in fact as it involves combining metals of vastly differing melting points. It's a bit like Alchemy!

The result is a metal rim with strength similar to Titanium, weight similar to carbon, and responsiveness akin to Steel. You won't find these alloys used on mass-produced bike wheels!

To add further to the strength of these incredibly light wheels, our rims have non-milled joints that are both internally pinned and welded - another sophisticated process - and  one which results in a tougher rim structure than conventional welding/milling.

The attention to detail and lightness/strength theme continues right down to the Spoke Nipples. We are able to save significant weight here, whilst at the same time increasing wheel strength. How. By using the wonderful named Alpina Bontrager Hex Self-Locking Nyloc nipples. Where ordinary nipples cost a few pence. These are the height of technology and normally cost £1.50 each .. or £60 for one wheelsets worth! We buy in bulk to keep prices down.

This is what we mean by Light, Strong, Affordable, and Attention-to-detail! We've been building wheels for 20 years now - we see our experience and our questing approach as the final key ingredient!

Your wheels will be hand built to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. (current build times are shown above).

The SUPERAEROLIGHT++ BUILD uses cxray spokes (the most aero spoke available - anywhere!) and gets the weight down as low as stunning 1497 grams. (That's for 20/20 spoke version - add about 40 grams for the stiffer/tougher 20-24 spokes)

Or if you simply need the best of all the above - combined with superlative Swiss engineering - then its got to be our DTSwiss ULTIMATE build. About 30 grams heavier but with hubs that last a lifetime!

The use of such wonderful components enables us to produce a true "pro-level" multi-functional aero wheelset, at a reachable price point. Please be aware this is a tough and light wheelset built for UK roads!

Offered With Full Warranty

This wheel has a very specific place in our range (and in our hearts!). A semi deep section lightweight alloy wheel is the perfect "do-everything-wheelset" for multi-gradient triathlons, time trials and even sportives. Designed to run best with 25mm or 23mm tyres.



RIM Nickel strengthened SuperAlloy
BLACK -CLINCHER ONLY 40mm deep circumferential)
HUB Bitex SL  or DTSwiss hubs 
BEARINGS Sealed Cartridge throughout – All hub types
SPOKES Sapim Cxray Aero - Black
NIPPLES Alpina Bontrager Hex Nyloc Self-locking - black
RIM TAPES Included

WEIGHT (+/- 25 grams) From

1539 grams SUPERAEROLIGHT++ BUILD 20/24

1555 grams ULTIMATE DT240 EXP BUILD 20/24 

1497 grams SUPERAEROLIGHT++ BUILD 20/20

(weights for XDR  +25 grams SHIM/CAMPAG)

Advised Max Rider weights

67.5kg 20/20 spokes

90kg 20/24 spokes


 Shipping Weight (Box plus wheels)

Weight: 4kg

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David Brown - UK

Susan Brown added another British Triathlon Championship yesterday, winning the Age Group Standard Distance at Leeds, so she now holds the "double". She was racing as usual on her Kinetic One wheels, which as usual were faultless and fast. The picture is the podium from Leeds, please feel free to use if you wish. (see gallery)

Paul Beaumont - Enniskillen

I took the plunge and purchased a pair of the lightest K142SL's. Best decision I've made with regards to upgrading my bike. These wheels just keep on running! I've knocked over a minute off a 10 mile TT and have found I'm up with at the front when it comes to the bunch sprint. Even when it comes to climbing they're no slouch. Cheers Andy. Great product.