Which Hubs & Spokes?​​​​​: Our Guide


With so many spoke and hub options it can get a bit confusing! So, we’ve summarised all the key features and options here. Also, there is now a handy link to this page - on every single product page.  Enjoy - and we're always here to assist! We like to give a clear honest appraisal of the key strengths of each bit of equipment .. We say choose the right parts based on what you need. 


Hub choice is all about: weight/engineering/durability/price/drag/bearing quality. We use only high quality hubs of course as they do a heavy use job. Especially in the UK with its challenging roads and weather.



Miche Primato Hubs (rim and disc)

For the price, we view Miche as the best value hubs available. They have some fantastic credentials that make them stand out from the crowd. Italian made. Loved by mechanics everywhere for fantastic build quality, ease of servicing and superb bearing life - even in enduring harsh weather.

Interestingly some recent UK tests have shown that the Primato’s have the lowest drag of any popular hub - irrespective of cost. For a mid-priced hub this is pretty amazing too. Partly that's because Miche plumps for larger hub bearings than most companies do - throughout the hub range 

Not only do they have the best drag figures but there's more. Power transfer: Miche Primato
hubs feature an incredibly strong/stiff steel axle that just does not flex under even heavy rider load. Most road hub axles are alloy! This makes for the best power transmission for all riders - and that goes double for heavier riders.

They are not super-light hubs of course. That's entirely because of the above characteristics. But what they are is tough, fluid, fast, durable - aimed at everyone except weight weenies! (Weight weenies also need to know that there is a trade off by going for the lightest kit .. please read on!!)

They are also a pretty quiet hub in terms of clicky-noises! Some like quiet hubs some like machine-gun clickiness. No accounting for taste! 



Ambrosio Hubs (rim brake)

These are the standard entry-level hubs on most of our builds. We love them. Italian made. Nice and light and they are mechanics favourites as they are so easy to maintain and service, and very reliable. Spares are easy to come by and they have decent bearing life. Alloy axles and freehub bodies make them pretty light too - but you need to make sure cassette is done up nice and tight to avoid 'cutting-in'. Medium-loud hub sound.


Bitex Hubs (rim and disc)

Our Favourite lightweight high quality, rim and disc brake hubsets. We always think that these hubs should cost twice the price! I should say that quietly or Bitex will hear! Taiwanese made and incredibly reliable. All hubs have high end features like 6-drive hubs and anti-bite guard. We use these on builds for all but the heaviest of riders! We'd say they are medium in terms of clicky-hub noise.

Just be aware that the lighter the hubs the smaller the bearings - smaller bearings need changing more frequently. Our Bitex SL rim brake hubs are fully race oriented hubs. You'll probably need to change these every 2 years. 

In contrast our Bitex BX207 hubs for heavy riders use twice as many bearings and they are much chunkier. They will add weight but they will carry heavier loads for longer. There's always a trade off!!

​​​​​​​DTSwiss Hubs (rim and disc)

The pinnacle of hub choice options in our opinion. Swiss precision engineering at its finest and with a uniquely engineered approach. They are endlessly durable and reliable. Note they are quite loud!

The 350 is not the lightest hubset (on a par with our Miche hubs and heavier than Bitex. Its the Swiss precision engineering and hence longevity that carries the price tag.

The DT Swiss 240 hubs (both in rim brake and disc brake versions) are the top of the food chain. Light, fantastically engineered, and go on for countless years.

Being Swiss you could say they are literally like a Rolex for your wheels - though priced a little more kindly.


Formula Hubs (rim and disc)

Double sealed, and used specifically and only with our super aero 3.2mm bladed spokes these are a reliable and fast rolling hubset from Taiwanese brand Formula. Not the lightest with their super strong steel freehub - we use these on wheel builds that are aero first and foremost where weight is less of a consideration.




All our spokes are either Belgian made (Sapim) or Taiwanese made (PSR AERO 1432, PSR AERO, PSR AERO SL and our own K1 Bladed spoke).

PSR Aero and Aero SL

The PSR Aero spokes are the go-to performance spokes.

The PSR AERO is very aero at 2.2 x 0.9mm and very light at 5.5 grams. Or you can upgrade to our PSR AERO SL (Superlight) option. At 4.7 grams and identical aerodynamics It is an affordable economic equivalent of the SAPIM CXRAY spoke - which costs twice as much! kind of crazy.

Not only are the PSR's extremely economical - many wheelbuilders (us included!) consider them to be superior to the CXRAY's. They have all the same characteristics but are definitely stronger - and critically - less prone to damage from inexperienced shop mechanics!!


K1 3mm Aero BLADE

This is our own full aero spoke - which is now supplied AS STANDARD on all our carbon and many of our alloy wheels. At 3mm across and 1mm thick it’s aero credentials and of course its looks are something we’ve been very proud to achieve. In fact there are now very few brands who take the trouble to develop and supply full aero spokes - as it requires complex and custom machining of the hubs. We do like to go the extra mile -especially when the benefits are so clear.


Sapim Race

This is the standard ‘go-to’ high quality spoke known for its strength and rigidity of build. Not the lightest but ideal for even the heaviest of riders - and the mechanics favourite to work with. Ideal for both Rim brake and Disc wheels: http://www.sapim.be/spokes/butted/race


PSR Aero1432

We use this more bladed version of the 1422 spoke on some builds where weight saving is not an issue. They are ideal bladed spokes for heavier riders. Due to their special characteristics they must be used only with certain hubs.

Sapim Cx-Ray

The best spoke in the world full stop. The pro's choice: Superbly light at 4.5 gram, It’s also the most aerodynamic bladed spoke available. And there’s more. It also is unique in strength and elastic responsiveness. Not cheap of course but a sound investment if you can afford it. If you can make this upgrade you really will see where your money is going! Ideal for both Rim brake and Disc wheels http://www.sapim.be/spokes/aero/cx-ray