Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Kinetic-One. 

Please do take the time to read this information. its very dry and technical as you'd expect but it does mean that we'll all be clear about the nature of the relationship between us as retailer and customer. This section contains all you need to know on ordering and payment and what to do if you have any problems at all with our products or us.

Statutory Rights

1) What do I do to cancel an order?



A) For any stock/standard item. Please contact us immediately. If we can avoid sending it out to you at all that is best. We will refund you immediately. If we have already shipped the item to you please see Returns Policy (2a) below for how to return your item(s) within 14 days of receipt.

Stock items are those items that are listed on our website that are ready-made, or off-the-shelf, and hence available for immediate dispatch. Examples are forks/hubs/bearings/ ex demo wheels/ pre-built wheels (described on our website as 'ready to ship'.) Essentially all products not stated as being 'built to order' or 'custom built'. 

For the avoidance of doubt any wheels which feature a range of component choices, is not a stock item - as we are only building it specifically in response to your order.

B) "Custom built to order" spoked-wheels/bikes:  If you want to cancel an order for spoked wheels and branded Kinetic-One bikes we are hand building in-house, you need to contact us straight away - within 48 hours of placing your order. 

“Custom Built to Order” spoked wheels or bikes are defined as items being stated as being built specifically for you - specifically in response to an order which you placed through our website - with parts and components you have selected from our drop-down menus.

After this period we've invariably started building your item, and at that point we do have to charge a cancellation fee - no matter what the reason is for your cancellation. Even if it is something totally out of your control. 

(The reason for such a firm boundary from us is that most of the work in planning, stocking, component prepping, decal application and allocating staffing has been carried out after about 48 hours - and hence significant non-recoverable costs have been incurred by us as a result. We will be honest with you and will only charge the cancellation fee if the above work has actually been done or mostly done. That is why we ask you to contact us as soon as possible.

(If the wheels are already fully built when we receive your cancellation, for example: it then takes us a further 2 hours to disassemble them and to return parts to stock. Some components such as spoke nipples and decals cannot be reused and are waste.The total labour cost incurred with planning/building/disassembly/restocking is often as much as 5-6 hours).

The current cancellation fee is £395 for carbon spoked wheel(s), £320 for Alloy spoked Wheels and £650 for bikes. There is an additional charge payable if wheels and bikes if your item is fully completed at time of cancellation as nipples/decals have already been utilised. This is £45 for wheelsets and £67.50 for bikes. This covers the cost of wasted decals/nipples plus a professional cleaning charge to remove residue from rims/bike frames etc.

c) Special Order Items.

These are either:

A) non-standard items, any elements of which do not feature as option-choices on the drop down menu’s on our website - and which we are therefore custom building for you in response to your order and to your unique specification.

B) All non-spoked wheels such as solid TT disk wheels. We do not build these ourselves but purchase them to order from our supply factory.. 

For special order items we ask for a 50% upfront initial payment at time of order. The final payment is due when we are ready to ship your order.

You cannot cancel your order once your initial payment has been made. Moreover the final payment remains payable in any case. Again this is because the item is being specifically custom-built to your specification. And were you to pull out once work on your item has commenced we would still incur the full costs of production .

We are not obliged to refund any initial/final payments should you choose to cancel your order for any reason.



2) Returns policy

A) Standard/Stock Items: If you've received any stock/standard item(s) from us, and you don't want to keep them for any reason, return the goods to us within 14 days and, if the 'conditions' below are met, we'll give you a full refund for the cost of the item(s): 

Please contact us before sending back your goods as there are important considerations such as postal insurance cover to be aware of. Once we've received the goods back, and the conditions below are met, we will credit you by your original payment method straight away.

Stock items are those items that are listed on our website that are ready-made, or off-the-shelf, and hence available for immediate dispatch. Examples are forks/hubs/bearings/ ex demo wheels/ pre-built wheels (described on our website as 'ready to ship'.) Essentially all products not stated as being 'built to order' or 'custom built'. For the avoidance of doubt any wheels which features a range of component choices, plus all our bikes, is not a stock item - as we are only building it specifically in response to your order.

*'Conditions' for all returns are:

  • Goods must be returned within 14 days of receipt
  • Goods must be unused and in saleable condition
  • Goods must be in original packaging
  • Goods must be complete and unmarked/undamaged
  • Goods must be clean

B) Hand Built /Custom Built/Special-Order wheels or bikes: When we custom build / special order wheels or a bike for you, it is built specifically for you - this includes items built with parts and components from our drop-down menus - or on occasion parts that do not feature within our drop-down menus and which have been specifically ordered by you for your project.

Your item will of course be covered by our warranty but - We are not obliged to accept back custom/hand built/special-order items for a refund or exchange for any reason. This includes the purchasing of products that are not compatible with your bike. Where possible we will try to assist you to reduce the cost/consequences to you, arising from ordering the wrong product. 

In addition: With some products we choose to offer a promotional no-quibble 14 day return policy. This means within that time period you can simply return your wheels for a refund* . This policy only applies to products where the 14-day return policy is stated on the product page.(*See conditions below)

*Conditions for all returns are:

• Goods must be returned within 14 days of receipt

• Goods must be in original packaging

• Goods must be complete and unmarked/undamaged.

• Goods must be clean

3. Who pays the postage on returned items?

If a customer returns items to us for any reason they will need to pay the postage costs to return it to us.

Where the customer arranges for an item to be returned to us for any reason it is the customer's responsibility to provide any insurance cover against loss/damage. Any goods lost/damaged en route to us are not our responsibility.

We cannot refund any 3rd party charges.

4. Where Should I send my Item?


My Product has a Fault. What do I do?


If a fault develops you must stop using the product immediately and contact us.


Where goods purchased are alleged to be defective, the purchaser agrees to return such goods to the seller (see returns policy below), for inspection and report (without the seller replacing the said goods prior to such inspection).

The purchaser further confirms that it shall be reasonable for the seller to inspect, repair or replace (at its option) such defective goods and allow manufacturers to undertake inspections so as to allow production methods to be modified.

The purchaser also accepts that it is reasonable to inform the seller of any interruption, possible defect or other failure prior to contacting independent third parties or incurring expense.

Where a third party (such as a bike shop) is the first to suggest or state that, in their opinion, there is a defect or failure in the product, the purchaser also accepts that they must not permit or instruct that or any other third party to attempt to remedy the suspected defect or failure. Such actions will immediately invalidate the product warranty. The purchaser accepts that the seller has a principal and over-riding right to investigate and remedy any defect or fault. (The seller cannot reasonably be expected to warrant the work of other parties or to be able to determine the root cause of a defect or failure where another party has already made alterations/adjustments to the presenting problem). 

If you purchase an incorrect item that does not fit your bike this is not deemed to be a fault in the product you purchased from us . It is the purchasers responsibility to satisfy them self that the product they are purchasing is compatible with their bike etc. At Kinetic-One we invite all our customers to enquire and engage with us prior to ordering specifically to help you avoid choosing the wrong item. This is of fundamental importance where the item purchased is ‘custom built’ or ‘Special Order’ as the product cannot be returned for refund/exchange. 

The only exception to the foregoing is if we have advised you in error to purchase a certain specific product that turns out not to be compatible with your bike. In such cases we will take ownership of the error and exchange the product for a suitable alternative at no cost to you.


Warranty Cover - general


All new Kinetic-One products come with a warranty. The warranty covers faults as described below - that develop during 'normal usage'. 

Our wheels/bikes are warranted to the original purchaser specifically against defects in workmanship and materials of component parts for a minimum time period. 

For ‘custom built to order’ spoked-wheels/bikes purchased after 01/12/23 the warranty period is 3 years from purchase date. 

For all spoked wheels purchased before the above date - (and for all non ‘hand built’ wheels purchased at any time. Eg solid tt disk wheels) the warranty period is 1.5 years. 

Where component manufacturers offer a longer warranty period (such as groupset parts for example) the warranty term is the longer term.

Some specific items will have a longer warranty. Where this is the case it will be stated on the website within the product description at point-of-sale.

Our custom bike frames have a warranty of 3 years. Where we have custom built the frame itself - a limited lifetime warranty applies. (Limited to the original purchaser only).

All used/pre-owned/ex-team/ex-demo bikes and wheels do not come with a warranty unless explicitly stated at the point-of-sale.

ii) Warranty cover applies only where the following conditions are met:

-User assumes all risk of personal injury, damage to or failure of the product when it is used in competitive racing - off-road - or similar activities.

-This warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages, such as personal injury or any other losses due to accident, neglect, misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, improper re-assembly or maintenance or the purchasing and fitting of a product that is not compatible with the purchasers bike.. This includes damage caused by the usage of non-recommended consumables such as Latex/Ammonia based tubeless sealant liquids, the use of incompatible or damaged brake pads, and the use of chemicals such as aggressive bike degreasant products. We provide guides on such matters (particular to the product purchased) which are detailed within the customer information supplied to each customer with the product.

Payment Methods


We accept the following credit/debit cards: Switch, Solo, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Visa Debit, Visa Prospect, Maestro and Electron.

For your security all card transactions are completed on our secure server, to confirm this a small padlock will appear at the bottom of your browser window.

We charge your credit card in Pounds Sterling at the time of order and the credit card company will make the exchange to the local currency. As exchange rates vary you will have to check with your credit card company for the exact rate.


3. Paypal

We accept paypal. Please note we can only accept paypal direct payments and not the ridiculous paypal 'echeque' which takes more than 10 days to clear. We also cannot take paypal payments from new paypal customers who have not already signed up to paypals 'expanded use' programme which is vital if you wish to make paypal purchases of over £500 via paypal. Again this is because of huge delays that result. Paypal payments should be made to the following email address: info at kinetic-one co uk

4. VAT refunds for orders sent to BFPO and FCO addresses

We can refund VAT on items sold by kinetic-one and sent to BFPO and FCO addresses, as long as the address is located outside of the United Kingdom.

You must put your address as follows:

• Service No Rank Name

• Unit/Regt

• Operation Name (If applicable)


For example:

1234567 Pte Joe Bloggs

• 1st Battalion

• Operation HERRICK

• BFPO 772

* BFPO Addresses based outside of the EU: In order to request a VAT refund for a BFPO address outside of the EU, please email us once your order has been processed. Remember to include the order number with your request.

* BFPO Addresses based within the EU: Before we can issue a VAT refund for an order dispatched to a BFPO address which is within the EU, UK VAT legislation requires us to obtain a "certificate of entitlement" confirming that the items have been shipped to and received by a qualifying body or person as set out in paragraph 14.2 of HM Revenue and Customs Notice 725 dated December 2009. kinetic-one will accept a copy of the order receipt which was dispatched with the item(s), signed and stamped by the head or acting head of the embassy, high commission, consulate, visiting force contingent or international organisation, with evidence of the official status of the signatory.

For goods which are shipped to BFPO customers in Cyprus or Germany, kinetic-one requires a certificate from the person placing the order uniquely identifying the supply for which relief is claimed, and claiming entitlement as follows:

- for British forces in Cyprus - under Article 14(1)(g) of EC Council Directive 77/388/EEC, or

- for a visiting force in Germany - under Article 15(10) of EC Council Directive 77/388/EEC.

kinetic-one requires this certificate in accordance with Section 14 of HM Revenue and Customs Notice 725 dated December 2009. If this certificate is not supplied, kinetic-one cannot make a refund.

Please contact us for address details of where to send the stamped receipt/certificate, quoting all the qualifying order numbers for which VAT has not been refunded