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SALE: Kinetic-One “K1-45ST Supertough” Alloy Aero Road Disc Wheelset





INTENDED USE:  Our deepest, fastest & toughest ever DEEP SECTION road focussed 700c aero disc brake CLINCHER wheelset. Made from super-high grade G609 series alloy (up to 40% stronger than conventional alloys!

At 45mm deep (42 circumferential) it's designed to give you every possible watt of drag reduction. So it's ideal for time trials and triathlons - and fast-accelerating enough for the busiest of Sportives. And perfect for fast touring too!

Made from strengthened alloys which are 30% stronger than our standard rims - they are aimed at big guys - and also at lighter riders who want a disc wheelset capable of hitting the trails.

Beautifully finished in matte Gunmetal black, superbly strong and packed full of the latest rim tech for heavy riders or the heaviest duty riding. Designed to make the most of the new generation of 25mm clincher tyres. It is also right at home running 28mm or 23mm. 

Whether you’re riding TT, Tri, towpaths, hillpaths, forest trails, or flat out sportives or cyclocross this wheelset will enable you to ride fast, for many years, over varying terrain. It’s all about the combination of aerodynamic profile, superbly light / strong components coupled with the quality and robustness of build that only handbuilt wheels can offer.

Utilising the superb PSR Aero spokes - We use a choice of Bitex hubs for the 45 disc wheelset. The light/tough BX106 hubs for riders up to 120kg. And the incredibly tough Bitex MTR hubs for riders up to 135kg.

Or for the ultimate in performance/strength we combine BX207 hubs with the CXRAY spoke for riders up to 150kg

These really are tough but equally are as aerodynamically fast and gorgeous as a set of wheels built for 8 stone racing snakes!

Your wheels are hand built here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels.


It's an incredibly fast-moving time for road disc systems at the moment with lots of competing standards for Axle types and frame fitting methods and for rotor fastening.

Handbuilt to order and available for the whole wide range of modern axle and rotor fitment systems. Whatever your frame needs we can configure these wheels to your bike. And even if you change your bike - the hubs are all simply convertible to all the other axles standards! We think that's massively important as it future-proofs your wheels! (no one wants to be left with the betamax of hub types and obsolete wheels!)
Technical details below.

Or just drop us a line If you don't know what system your bike has (you won't be alone -  many people very understandably don't know, they just want to ride their bike after all!)

AXLES : We can configure your wheel axles to meet your frame requirements. So whether you have standard quick release or the more modern "thru-axle" setup, or whether you have 135mm or 142 mm rear spacing, we can supply them ready-to-roll!

ROTOR FITMENT : We use Bitex 6-Drive hubs.  The BX106 hubs are Centerlock. You will
 need 6-bolt rotors with the MTR and BX207 hubs (6-bolt much more robust for heavier riders). If your bike currently has centerlock then don’t worry. Just get some 6-bolt rotors and fit them to your new wheels and away you go!




45 deep circumferential / 42mm deep vertical/ 21mm wide

Super Tough Alloy Clincher 700c. (Not Tubeless) 

VERSIONS Campag, Shimano/Sram, XDR
FINISH Gunmetal Black 
RIM Aluminium welded, CNC holes High strength G609 Alloy (up to 40% stronger than normal rims!)

PSR Aero or CXRAY Aero 32 and 36 3 cross combinations according to rider weight

NIPPLES Self-locking AB Alpina Bontrager Hex Head Blue-Power

Bitex BX106 up to 120 kg rider

Bitex MTR up to 135 kg rider

BX207 hubs up to 150 kg rider.


See dropdown menu above


From 1895 grams - (weights vary according to hub type/freehub type/ rotor fitting type/ and axle gauge)

Weight: 4kg

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