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SALE: K1-Disc (Tubeless / Clincher) Time Trial Triathlon Disc Wheel -PRE-ORDER
SALE: K1-Disc (Tubeless / Clincher) Time Trial Triathlon Disc Wheel -PRE-ORDER
SALE: K1-Disc (Tubeless / Clincher) Time Trial Triathlon Disc Wheel -PRE-ORDER
SALE: K1-Disc (Tubeless / Clincher) Time Trial Triathlon Disc Wheel -PRE-ORDER
SALE: K1-Disc (Tubeless / Clincher) Time Trial Triathlon Disc Wheel -PRE-ORDER

SALE: K1-Disc (Tubeless / Clincher) Time Trial Triathlon Disc Wheel -PRE-ORDER


Order Now:  3-5 week's production time

Payment options:You can either pay the full amount when you order - Or if you prefer, pay a 50% deposit now and we’ll contact you for the balance when your disc is ready to ship. Please use drop down menu to choose.

We have taken a huge amount of time it seems to get our new K1-Disc ready to roll. Several years in fact and we've resisted all attempts to rush it. Something we're very proud of! 

Moreover, It's been exhaustively tested in prototype guise at several World and European Champs by our  Elite Team GB / K1 Team riders and at last we are ready. More recently Ben Price of Team K1 won the 2019 National Duathlon Championships riding our DISC & 80c combo.

Backed up by our 20 years of know-how when it comes to carbon wheels and racing them we feel we have something very exciting to offer our customers!


It's extremely aero of course -  track test data to follow . (Aero tested by Team K1's Ben Price with Wattshop at Derby Velodrome.)

We say "of course" as frankly pretty much every modern disc is super aero! We're always a little shocked how many brands claim their disc to be ......... the fastest-in-the-world!

So what's so great about our disc then, is the next and obvious question?

Well we think it's in real-world testing and moreover in real-world riding that Kinetic-One really stands out.

Firstly - The K1-Disc is both clincher and tubeless ready and is one of only a very very few discs to have this attribute. (Beware those increasingly common ‘disc’ wheels you see, where its a basic spoked road wheel with a carbon sheet glued either side of the rim.... we often wonder what happens if you pop a spoke! 

PLEASE NOTE: we recommend Schwalbe Tubeless/clincher, Conti GP5000 CLINCHER ONLY  or Hutchinson Fusion Tubeless 25c tyres with this disc.

Secondly - we've decided to buck the "super-wide" disc fad and have kept our disc at what we think is a super-sensible 25mm wide. This is simply so that it fits people's bikes! So many modern aero bikes have fit issues with the new generation of what we think of as "crazy-wide” wheels to be applied to rim-brake bikes. ; be they 26, 27 or even 28mm wide!  We don't dispute that these can be very fast but what if they don't allow your rear aero brake to work - or worse still - rub your frame on cornering or climbing!

As bespoke builders of carbon wheels for many many years this is something  we hear about more and more .... yet thankfully not something that affects our wheels as our entire road/TT/Tri range is 26mm wide or less. We also believe that 23-26mm wide is the perfect sweet-spot for the seamless application and hence the fastest speeds when you are using 23-28c tyres - which is the fastest size for a rear tyre according to Wattshop’s Dan Bigham. Interestingly he also advises his aero-test clients to go 23c on the front (And Dan know’s! Now a multiple National and International Track champ the former Formula One engineer is changing the game. As this Telegraph story shows! READ HERE

Third: It features our highest ever temperature braking surfaces - 230 degrees celcius. Far more than you’ll ever need - but nice to know it’s there! And brake blocks are included too.

Fourth: We offer the reassurance of a 2 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship to the purchaser of a K1-Disc. Please do note that as your disc is specially built to order, specifically for you - your order cannot be cancelled part way through if you change your mind.

Technical Specification

Construction Full structural Carbon - ud matte finish.
Carbon braking surfaces - Brake pads included.
Rim Type Clincher Tubeless Ready
Width external 25mm
Width Internal 17mm
Weight 1295 grams campag
​1335 shimano
Brake Blocks Carbon Specific blocks supplied


 Shipping Weight (Box plus wheels)

Weight: 4kg

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