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SALE : Kinetic-One “K1-50FW ULTIMATE” Carbon Wheelset
SALE : Kinetic-One “K1-50FW ULTIMATE” Carbon Wheelset
SALE : Kinetic-One “K1-50FW ULTIMATE” Carbon Wheelset
SALE : Kinetic-One “K1-50FW ULTIMATE” Carbon Wheelset
SALE : Kinetic-One “K1-50FW ULTIMATE” Carbon Wheelset
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SALE : Kinetic-One “K1-50FW ULTIMATE” Carbon Wheelset


INTENDED USE: With weights as low as 1345 grams - This is the latest version of our Premium “Ultimate” full carbon 50mm deep aero wheelset. Fully updated with the latest carbon FILAMENT WOUND (FW) technology to create a fantastic ride performance, with superb braking, cushioning, cross-wind handling and heat dissipation.



Oliver kerwin bike  

This wheelset is ideal for Road, Sportives, Triathlons, and also spot-on for Time Trials too.  They are "2-Way Fit", Meaning they are designed for both clincher tyres and the new generation of tubeless tyres.

Our standard AEROLIGHT builds are based around superb Italian made sealed hubs and PSR aero spokes at 1495 grams.

For Maximum Aerodynamics, Lightness and All-Round Performance on a sensible budget: go for our SUPERAEROLIGHT build version (with the wonderfully aero psr superlight spokes and Bitex Lightweight 'all-season' hubs). They come in at 1415 Grams a PAIR!! 

- By using cxray spokes and Bitex's incredibly light (65 gram) front hub, we can save another 70 grams! That's our 1345 gram SUPERAEROLIGHT++ version.

Or if you want it all - you can now upgrade to one of our DTSWISS builds for the ultimate in Swiss precision engineering!

Your wheels will be hand built to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. (current build times are shown above).


Filament winding technology is an automated method which has revolutionised rim consistency in the manufacture of full carbon wheels. Made from single carbon filaments - the manufacturing process enables precise control of every step - resulting in the roundest, strongest, lightest wheel combinations.

This level of precision and care extends throughout the entire quality control process -  with each and every rim X-Rayed for structural uniformity and compliance.

Not only does this make for stronger, longer lasting wheels - but also the nature of the "winding process"  facilitates another new technology that massively increases braking capability - especially at high temperatures.  


The filament winding process enables the injection of a patented ultra heat resistant resin - directly into the carbon filaments - whilst the rim is built. This means the rim's braking surface is fully impregnated with resin during manufacture - rather than a braking surface being added to the surface of the rim post-production.

This makes for better braking - especially on longer descents. These rims have their braking performance tested up to 230 degrees celcius.  This is 20  degrees higher than our previous rims - and as high as any top-end rims on the market.


NOTE: Whilst rim tech has leapt forward in recent years - there are still some major things users of carbon wheels need to know! Please do read our page on safe braking and care for your carbon wheels HERE

Your wheels will be Handbuilt in the K1 workshop in Gloucestershire. We combine traditional wheel-building techniques with cutting edge technology. And the world of carbon wheel-tech moves endlessly forward! Exciting times!

YOU CAN RUN THESE WHEELS WITH CLINCHERS OR WITH TUBELESS TYRES: IF YOU WANT US TO SUPPLY AND FIT NEW TYRES  FOR YOU... WE CAN DO JUST THAT. Then you're ready to ride them straight out of the box. CLICK HERE if you'd like to purchase this option!

Ideal for tyres from 25c right up to 30c and beyond. Perfect for running tyres at lower pressure and arguably more aerodynamic and faster rolling than traditional hoops. 

The rim width debate will continue to rage and rage. What with rims now available from 19 mm right through to 28mm wide. We've decided to go straight down the middle and our rims are Significantly wider than old-school rims but not crazy wide. We think that's the best place to be!


Offered With Full Warranty and professional mechanic support in-house.

Technical Specification

Full Carbon Clincher  700 C - Filament wound with patented Ultra-High Temp Resin impregnated braking surface.

50mm vertical depth, U-shaped, 25.5mm wide,  Full carbon Clincher rim - TUBELESS COMPATIBLE.  UD MATTE CARBON.

FREEHUB FITTING SHIM/SRAM 7/8/9/10/11 or  CAMPAG 9/10/11
HUB Ambrosio, Bitex, Bitex SL, or DTSWISS 350 or 240
BEARINGS Sealed Cartridge throughout – All hub types

PSR aero,  or Sapim CXRay  20/20, 20/24 or 24/24 as standard.​​​​​

NIPPLES Alpina Blu power Nyloc Self-locking (the best!)
RIM TAPES Included
Carbon specific brake pads Included




1345 GRAMS PER PAIR ( SAL++ CXRAY) version

1385 GRAMS PER PAIR (DT 240 EXP /CXRAY) version

Weights XDR - add 20 grams Shimano/Campag.


 Shipping Weight (Box plus wheels)

Weight: 4kg

Customer Reviews

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Phil Gwilliam - Malvern

My carbon K1 50’s look & sound really cool - they seem as quick as £2k knight composites I have on another bike , accelerate & climb well & aren’t affected by crosswinds or the Ukrainian road conditions around The Malverns -the owner of Detour cycles Malvern was very complimentary- will send photo when I stop at a good photo opportunity & stop chasing times - thanks Phil

Peter Chapman - SE 10

I bought these on recommendation from a friend. I've nothing to compare them with as they are my first and only (ever i suspect) pair of carbon wheels. I do know they make me go faster and make my bike look very nice. Being able to choose the finish colour is a very nice touch. Thank you.

Paul Bradley - Dublin, Ireland

I carried out a lot of research before deciding to purchase the K150 carbon wheels with 28mm wide tyres. I decided to go for lighter Sapim CRray on Bitex hubs, so they would be lighter than my existing wheel set. I have found a marked increase in speed on the flat using the same effort / power & down hill speed has increased also. Really like how they look. So all in all I'm very happy with my purchase at a very competitive price & would highly recommend these wheels to others.

David Thomas - West Glam

I do love these wheels. It did take some serious soul-searching before i finally hit the button and went for wider rims. (I used to race on 16mm rims back in olden-times!) I did have a few problems with setup as My Tektro brake calipers could not really handle the width of the rim. As soon as I put some Shimano brakes on all fine and I have not looked back - 28c tyres are so comfortable too. Brave new world!

Matt Clifford - Barwell

Great wheels, they look and feel great to ride. A great improvement on the standard wheels that came with the bike. Excellent communication and delivery information.

Matt Wilson - United Kingdom

Just wanted to say thanks for the wheels. They're great. Lightweight, strong and true. Took them on the club chaingang and had lots of people asking where they're from so hopefully put a few more customers your way. Attached a photo of them on my old btwin Mach 740. Forgot to mention, superb value for money (see gallery)

Geoff - Lincs

Great set of strong, lightweight wheels. Superb customer service, satisfaction guaranteed, beyond any imagination. Totally satisfied.

Paul Haynes - UK

Once again they flatter my ability.

First real test on the wheels, I set an all time pb over 10 miles. Once again they flatter my ability. 7th overall and age category win!