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SALE : Kinetic-One K1-46FW ULTIMATE Carbon Aero Road Disc Wheelset
SALE : Kinetic-One K1-46FW ULTIMATE Carbon Aero Road Disc Wheelset
SALE : Kinetic-One K1-46FW ULTIMATE Carbon Aero Road Disc Wheelset
SALE : Kinetic-One K1-46FW ULTIMATE Carbon Aero Road Disc Wheelset
SALE : Kinetic-One K1-46FW ULTIMATE Carbon Aero Road Disc Wheelset
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SALE : Kinetic-One K1-46FW ULTIMATE Carbon Aero Road Disc Wheelset




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INTENDED USEOur Ultimate SPORTIVE disc-brake wheelset. Combining all the knowledge and experience we've built up over the past 20 years. The 46's combine low weights, with maximal aero gains, married to the latest rim profiles (to get the most from modern tyre systems).  And on top of all this: the FILAMENT-WOUND construction makes them prodigiously strong. Rated in fact to 125kg.

At 27.5mm wide with superb aero characteristics married to the superlative strength that filament winding offers - they can also be used on TARMAC, TRAIL and CYCLOCROSS.

We designed them specifically to get the best out of the new generation clincher and tubeless tyres. Optimised for road tyres in the range of 25 to 32mm range - they will also take gravel/adventure tyres right through to 50mm and beyond.

Our objective for the 46FW wheelset was simple and clear: To achieve a 'strength-to-weight-to-aero' ratio as high as current technologies will allow.

With a particular focus on Sportive type events - and weighing in from as little as 1450 grams, they are rated for riders up to 125kg. That’s very light and tough for a 46mm deep, fully tubeless/clincher compatible wheelset.

Our premium full-carbon wheelset utilises patented “filament-wound”, robotic-built, ultra-high temperature K1-46FW rims.

Sounds fancy: Filament winding technology is an automated method which has revolutionised rim consistency in the manufacture of full carbon wheels. Each rim is made from single carbon filaments precisely wound into shape - with no joints or junctions - this enables a uniformity and strength that builds into the roundest and most balanced wheels possible. 

This extends into the quality control stages where each and every rim is X-Rayed to ensure uniformity and compliance.

Your wheels will be Handbuilt to order here in the uk by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. (Exact current build times are shown above).

Offered With Full Warranty and professional mechanic support in-house.

This is the newest of our K1 carbon wheelsets. At 27.5mm wide, with a full carbon u-shaped rim profile - it is aimed at those riders who prefer an ultra-modern wider rimmed wheelset.

When specced with 
the fabulous BITEX futureproofed hubs with PSR aero spokes get weights down to a tiny 1495 Grams a PAIR.

Or if you simply must have the best: Go for the DTSwiss hubs with cxray spokes. The lightest, best engineered, and most durable setup possible. Weighing in at only 1450 grams a set for DT240 hubs and a bit more for the more economical DT350.

The new generation wide rims are perfectly suited to disc-brake riding. They are very strong, yet very light and very forgiving to ride. 
 Perfect for running tyres at lower pressure and more aerodynamic and faster rolling than traditional hoops!

It's an incredibly fast-moving time for road disc systems at the moment with lots of competing standards for Axle types and frame fitting methods and for rotor fastening.

They are handbuilt to order and are available for the whole wide range of modern axle and rotor fitment systems. Whatever your frame needs we can configure these wheels to your bike. And even if you change your bike - the hubs are all simply convertible to all the other axles standards! We think that's massively important as it future-proofs your wheels! (no one wants to be left with the betamax of hub types and obsolete wheels!)

Or just drop us a line If you don't know what system your bike has (you won't be alone -  many people very understandably don't know, they just want to ride their bike after all!)

AXLES : We can configure your wheel axles to meet your frame requirements. So whether you have standard quick release or the more modern "thru-axle" setup, or whether you have 135mm or 142 mm rear spacing, we can supply them ready-to-roll!

HUBS : We use the superbly versatile and lightweight Miche and Bitex 6-drive hubs, WE NOW ALSO OFFER THE ULTIMATE IN PERFORMANCE HUBS: The DTSwiss 350 and 240 series in both Centerlock and 6-Bolt flavours. Weights below for C/Lock. Add approx 100 grams for 6 bolt.



MODEL Filament wound - full carbon aero rim. 700c
RIM 46mm deep, U-shaped, 27.5mm wide,  Full carbon Clincher rim - (Clincher & Tubeless ready)
2-cross FRONT /REAR
HUB OPTIONS Miche, Bitex 6-Drive or DTSwiss

FROM 1495 grams - For BITEX/PSR AERO

FROM 1525 grams  - For MICHE/PSR AERO

FROM 1450 grams upwards  For DT240/ cxray


 Shipping Weight (Box plus wheels)

Weight: 4kg

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A Muncie - Watford

Brought these last year but not had them on the bike over winter. Have now done around 300 miles and have to say they are fantastic(which is why they are now on my new bike)for the price and customer service you can't go wrong. 100% reccomend these wheels to anyone.

Gary - Mallorca

Review: Very pleased. Strong, stiff, fast - all I need. 1000 km under my belt with them now.

Review By Gary from Mallorca

phil stephens - devon

Extremely impressed with how true these wheels have been through full winter training..clean trainer every 3rd day of salt/grime..and they still look smart..bombproof !