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"ROAD" BIKE PERFORMANCE FITTING SESSION - With Computerised Pedalling Technique Analysis & Cleat

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Who Is This Session For?

This is the fitting to choose if you ride a road bike of any description: Whether you're a Sportiviste,  bunch-racer, leisure rider or tourist. Its also the one to choose if you are a triathlete/duathlete who rides a road bike (with or without clip-ons) rather than a tt/tri specific bike with its more aggressive geometry. Whatever discipline you ride, we will tailor the fitting process to match your type of riding and the level you are riding at.   See testimonials from our customers

Our Fitting and analysis sessions go much further than bike shop style bike fits. Our focus is on optimising and harmonising the relationship between bike and rider in a rigorous and scientific way. (You should allow 2 to 2.5 hours for the entire session.)

What's Included in the Session: A Summary

Our objective, and our expertise,  is in assisting you to make the right changes to enhance your riding performance and enjoyment (Every riders objectives are different: Your objectives maybe comfort based, speed based, pain minimization based or you  may simply just want to get everything about your bike and riding optimised.)

Through a systematic analysis of your position, riding and pedaling technique, aerodynamics, comfort, efficiency, power, performance level - and of course the type of events you ride, we will work with you to show you (in real time) the combined effects of changes in bike setup, position, riding style and pedaling technique. What's more is that you will see with your own eyes how the performance numbers change as we go!

  1. We begin by conducting a detailed questionnaire about your riding experience , objectives and strength and needs.
  2. We then measure your key body dimensions on a purpose built fitting jig and employing the latest software we design your optimal theoretical bike setup - that is to say we produce clear numerical diagrams of what your perfect bike setup would look like - you get to keep these diagrams as they will underpin your bike sizing choices forever more!
  3. We then get you on your own bike, and set about videoing you as you ride on our virtual computerised courses. We can analyse your bike setup and body position in considerable detail and can even obtain precise data  in key areas (such as power data on where your pedal stroke is weakest and strongest, and whether your legs are contributing equal power to your riding!) 
  4. PLUS  This session now includes our Pedaling Analysis module
  5. PLUS - This session includes a basic cleat alignment and resetting check:
  • Optimal Cleat fore and aft position
  • Optimal Cleat side-to-side position
  • Cleat rotation
  • Forefoot tilt - We now offer cleat wedges to all customers who need them (cost is £2.95 per wedge) - and if you require wedges we can fit them for free at your fitting.
You will need to bring your bike and shoes and please be prepared to do some medium intensity riding on our lab computrainer. Changing facilities are available and we'll supply drinks.

We have considerable experience in working with a hugely diverse range of customers (having carried out over 2000 bike fittings since 1999 - we are the UK's longest established professional fitting service  - see the about us page!)

We believe that a conversational and relaxed approach to fitting is the way to go - You are an empowered party at our fittings and we are more than happy to be questioned every step of the way about what we are doing and why. It is the case that whilst many aspects of the fitting process can de described as "hard science" - many equally important elements are more personal to the individual.

It is not our job to force you to change anything about your riding - rather it is about supporting you with any concerns, doubts or known problems. Its Ok to arrive with your own ideas, and your own story - even your own notes and examples of the steps you've been through to counter any fit problems that have brought you to our door
! It is your session after all.

A key element of the fitting process is that everything we will do with you takes place on your own bike and not some "all-singing-all-dancing" bike fitting jig (which bears little relation to what's actually happening in the real world of riding your own bike!) We feel this is a critical component of what we offer our customers!

In terms of our own background: We have spent many years working with everyone from top athletes such as the many internationals who ride our bikes (Click here to see some of them) right through to club and leisure riders and have conducted over 2000 sessions to date! We've also seen all the fads come and go and have tried to understand the implications of this fadism  - separating the science from the fiction and the empty marketing claims from the real truth. 


Why Have a Bike Fitting?

The vast majority of riders simply get onto a bike and ride it. There is often just a notional idea of correct sizing that steers peoples buying decisions (still the most frequent determinant of choice is the "chap in the bike shop" or his Googled equivalent!). This can of course be really useful if the chap is knowledgeable and has some experience in bike-fitting or indeed if the website you are using is credible. In our experience most people have a good go at getting it right, in terms of their bike setup. And invariably they do this without any assistance and without any claims to knowledge in the field! 

However, the reality is that this can of course be very haphazard and "hit-and-miss" - and even at best only scratches the surface of what your own unique body specifically needs and is capable of doing on a bike - or as is the case for many people: why your body might feel like its refusing to do what you want it to do!

This is not surprising really when you think that we place ourselves on a fixed mechanical contraption for long periods of time whilst we perform, literally thousands of repetitive and unnatural body movements on it! 

What's more significant yet is that as time goes on, we tend to become more serious and demanding of both our bikes and our bodies .. setting our performance heights ever higher - and that's irrespective of whether we are elite riders or weekend sportivistes!

Our perspective is that there is no single-constant-perfect way to setup or to ride a bike!

Rather there are a huge number of choices that we all make every time we get on our bikes. These can be the obvious choices. How high the saddle is, how far the reach to the bars is etc. But there are so many more critical choices that we are constantly making and many of these can be unwitting choices outside of our own awareness: How to sit on the saddle, at what angle, how to position our arms, backs, shoulders, hands etc. How to pedal and when to push and pull. (And when not to!) And of course everything continually changes as we get more tired or as we change our position from tops to drops and whether we going up hill or downhill or on the flat.

Clearly if you make the right choices you can ride smooth, hard, comfortably and for long periods. But what if the choices you are making are not good ones? What if you don't have the information or knowledge needed to inform those choices.... or what if (as is the case is for most people in our own experience)  you're not even sure what all the choices are or how they all work together to produce the bike/rider system you'd like to become! 

Your Session in Detail

The fitting begins with an interview and information gathering process, including taking detailed body dimensional measurements. This enables us to theoretically determine what your optimised bike setup would be, based on a wide range of parameters including: your body dimensions & proportions, your fitness, flexibility, goals, type of riding/multisport, and the level you ride at. We also fundamentally focus on any injuries or ride-limiting discomfort,aches & pains.

The information we gather at this stage in the process serves as a solid and scientifically derived set of reference points which we then apply to the current setup of your bike.  We work with you to identify the sorts of changes that may be needed to your setup/equipment in order to achieve optimal fit. We can even carry out the changes to componentry if required whilst you are with us.

Once we've completed the initial part of the fitting process we then go on to the core elements of your dynamic positional analysis (This gets to the very heart of your riding and how you do it!). Effective bike riding is about how the body relates to the bike in motion (and vice versa of course!) This is our key specialism (something to do with those 2000+ rider sessions again, Did we mention those!) It is also the area in which we are unique - By its very nature this session goes so much further than a bike-fitting that you would get at a bike shop. 

We will assess you riding your bike and will focus on identifying the key elements of effective positioning with you and we can show you how the top guys and gals ride - and why they do it that way! We do of course use some whizzy computerised systems - that immediately conveys key information in an accessible and understandable way so that you can explore changes in riding style and setup and get instant feedback as you make these changes. 

The technology is great in facilitating the communication between body and brain - but don't worry if you're not a teccy: we don't get hung up on the"kit" side of things - the equipment is only there as a tool and you won't feel like a laboratory rat!  

This is a fascinating process to go through! You will leave the session with a clear and detailed report which includes an array of information which includes your ideal bike and frame dimensions, images/videos of you on your bike both before and after the session and specific guidance notes of any suggested equipment and positional changes that emerged from the session.

Click Here to learn more about the specific focus of a Bike Fitting; What it is - And what it's not!

We continue to invest heavily in world leading technologies and training to keep us at the forefront of the Science of Cycling Dynamics. Here are some of the systems and tools used in our fittings (Please note that the systems used varies according to type of session chosen):

  • Motionview 3-Dimensional multi-camera video analysis software (Used for real -time dynamic positional optimisation)
  • BikeFitting.com - rider measurement jigs (to determine ideal theoretical bike component setup)
  • Bike Fit Systems USA - Positional Models (to determine ideal rider position once bike set up correctly)
  • Bike Fitting.com - Shoe Cleat Setting Jig (One of 3 separate tools we use in this key area of equipment setup)
  • Le Mond / Bike Fit Cleat Wedges (One of 3 separate tools we use in this key area of equipment setup)
  • Bike Fit USA Forefoot Measurement tool (One of 3 separate tools we use in this key area of equipment setup)
  • Bike Fit USA Cycling Specific Goniometer (Used to separately verify key system generated angular measurements)
  • Computrainer Pro Cyling Ergometer - (Power measurement in relation to Heart Rate and other key variables)
  • Computrainer Pro Spinscan Analysis System (Computerised pedaling technique analysis - Including separate right and left leg power determination)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
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Andy Bent - Glos

Further to my bike fit in April 2016, I am now riding knee pain free. I really can't thank you enough.

Stephen - Mcclemont

In short......free speed and less discomfort! What's not to like!

I spent a very enjoyable session with Andy on Friday......tea, chatting about bikes, cycling and life. While this was going on we worked steadily through setting up my bike, analysing how I pedal and clarifying my understanding of where I was at and how I would get to where I wanted to be.

I came away informed, enthused and with my riding position being more 'aero' and also more comfortable that a year of my phaffing about.

The benefit....in speed terms about the same as putting on my carbon aero wheels but at a tenth of the cost! Go figure.....

Would I recommend it.....I already have!

Andy - Stroud

It’s taken a while to get round to writing this review following my bike fitting session a couple of months ago, however, this is a good thing as the session itself should be seen as the start of a process and not an immediate solution. I approached Andy wanting more comfort in my upper body whilst on the bike with the assumption that getting a bunch of measurements from him would be the solution, it’s certainly part of the solution but in fact the riding analysis and cycling technique soon became the key component of the process.

Very briefly, Andy took body measurements, looked at pedaling technique which fortunately was pretty good and followed this by looking at my position on the bike which resembled something similar to a brick wall, we ran through some repositioning, Andy tweaked saddle set-up and I went away with a theoretical optimum bike size and to fit a different stem giving me a more stretched out position.

For the following few weeks I started to tweak the bike, saddle back and forth, tilted this way and that, different saddle fitted, stem up a spacer, stem flipped and so on until the fit felt right and was pretty close to the measurements I took away. The results of all this…. Riding the same routes as pre-fit I’m consistently 2-3km per hour faster, my personal ‘hour-record’ route is up by over 3km…. and…. I’m more comfortable on top of this. It’s taken a while to feel comfortable but like I said at the beginning it’s process and not an immediate solution. It does look expensive from the outset but compared to what you’d spend on bike upgrades, trying new bits of kits or training to find those improvements then it’s peanuts.


Had a cracking afternoon with Andy talking bikes and working through the bike fitting process.

Andy sat me down asked how I felt when I was riding and how I felt afterwards. He then systematically went through the bike fitting process, watching me ride, measuring me, adjusting my bike to the new measurements and watching me again.

At each stage he explained why and what he was doing which as a novice was very reassuring.

I came away more confident of my riding position and rode the 112miles leg of Ironman Barcelona in 5hrs 30mins,.

Thank you Andy Kinetic One

Kevin Rowe - Ross on Wye

Andy was very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. It didn't take him long to sort out my bike fit and anomalies with my technique. Since the meeting there has been a marked improvement in my straight line speed and also in recovery afterwards, due to my improved riding position.

I was so impressed with Andy's approach in achieving my specific requirements as a rider that I have commissioned him to build my next race bike. Can't wait!!

Jon Pridham - Isle of Wight

I knew that a full comprehensive professional bike fitting and pedal technique analysis was required if I ever wanted to improve my cycling. I was looking for specific improvements that were going to be far superior to just buying a better bike. I contacted Andy to provide my bike fitting after a lot of research and being so impressed with the brilliant service and product when buying my K33's. I was not disappointed, in fact I got so much more that I could have anticipated that I drove home amazed by the amount of information I had gathered that day. I found massive improvements straight away, then using the training, coaching & technique advice Andy gave me. I found the day extremely informative and personally I couldn't think of a friendlier professional person to provide this service. I now do TT's so I will be visiting again very soon!

Andy Nicholls - Swindon

Thanks very much for your enthusiasm and genuine interest in my bike fit.

I found your session extremely informative and I enjoyed the afternoon.

One of the highlights was the coloured bar chart displaying the different performance levels between left and right leg and the single leg drill to help the deficit. Also the difference between my original set up and then your adjustments which I can't wait to try out very soon.

I will recommend you to any one that wishes a bike fit.

I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and thanks for sending me the info.

A Williams - Worcester

Very pleased and recommend the bike fitting session, perfect for setting up my bike.

A Patel - London

To quantify things - If 10 was the level of pain I felt during rides after my back injury - after making the adjustments that the fitting suggested I felt I started my next ride with a pain level of 2-3 and finished at 4. So a great improvement!

matt tibbles - glos

Have been for a 25 mile ride tonight and concentrated on keeping my elbows dropped and bent - seems to be a better position. I could initially feel my elbows and forearm muscles but that got better throughout the ride. My back actually feels better at the end of the ride so this is something I am going to stick with to. Also my saddle felt more comfortable following your angle adjustment so thanks for that too.

A. Matthews - Ciren

Thanks for the fitting today have fitted new bars and stem. Went for a very short spin since it was nearly dark. I feel like I have gone straight from a childs trike to a full blown cyclist in one go.

Tim Irish - .

Thanks for finding out why I do not go as fast as I should on the bike! – if I am only hitting 53% pedal efficency on your spinscan pedalling equipment - then there is plenty room for improvement just on technique – your findings are exactly what I was hoping to find – and now I have the information to put it right – I am determined to reach min 75% efficiency in the near future. Thanks again for your help and will arrange to see you again in the spring to see how things are going

Kenneth Neilson - Bristol

Having had a significant knee injury, I was keen to ensure that I was not being compromised by poor bike fit. Following an explanation of the process and a discussion of my aspirations, Andy set about taking my measurements, observing me on the bike and comparing the ideal figures with the current dimensions of my bike and making changes where required. With me back on the bike, it was apparent that the new settings allowed me to pedal more efficiently and ride more effectively, and in comfort. It was a fascinating process to go through and Andy obviously has an expansive knowledge, interest and enthusiasm for the subject. I would not hesitate to recommend the Total fitting service, as it is likely to be the best money that you spend on your bike.

J Dent. - Cheltenham

It was a pleasure to meet you on Friday and I thought the session was immensely informative and useful. I love your relaxed style and that you are keen to communicate the background to what you are doing and not just the solutions. I did a 25 and 50 mile ride over the weekend and have noticed a huge difference in my riding:

I was far more comfortable and everything seemed to be in the perfect place on the bike I definitely produced more power and was more aero (I felt like I could ride comfortably on the hoods with arms and knees tucked in and with a still body and didn’t feel like using the bars except for on steep climbs). I was also able to use the drops without any discomfort

The bike felt more secure on the road and seem to handle more intuitively


BEST OF ALL – after 50 miles I would normally struggle to straighten my back after the ride, but this time I was virtually pain free. Probably less back discomfort than after a 50 mile car journey!

Kev Northey - N.Glos

Thanks for pointing out my positioning on the bike as i've nearly eliminated my lower back pain. Thanks again.

Alistair J Milne - uk

Thank you very much for your valuable time spent yesterday with me and my bikes. I went out today for a 3 hour non stop road ride and I felt brilliant - no aches or pains in my wrists, lower back and my legs. In my opinion, I rode 15 to 20% better than last weekend on a higher sprocket and could ride up small hills/rises in the road better, hence recovering quicker when over the hill/rise.

Jason Ayres - Quedgeley

I found it a very useful session and the data and information you can gather and then work through with people is superb and, for me, the kind of information I love.

I will take the bits of information on board for the future to improve my riding. I also have a few people in mind for this for presents for biggy birthdays over the next year or so. All the best and thanks again