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PEMF & Massage Recovery and Conditioning Session (2 hours)


Effective recovery from intense training is the difference between success and failure in sport.

We offer specific individualised recovery programmes for athletes of all levels.

If you purchase this item you receive a 2 hour PEMF/Massage session.

  • We use the I-Tech Magneto PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) system with full body mat. Recharge your batteries, maximise ATP production and Keep those mitochondria working at maximum efficiency.

Many factors influence athletic performance: nutrition, training, lifestyle, health, environment, psychology. Pulsed electromagnetic filed therapy covers most of these areas, and PEMF therapy for athletic recovery works on several levels.

  • It maximizes the effectiveness of training sessions, reduces recovery times, and promotes good overall health and wellness.
  • PEMF therapy can improve mood, reduce, stress, and has been approved by the FDA to treat anxiety and depression.
  • PEMF therapy improves cellular metabolism, nutrient absorption, and improves immune response.
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy increases blood flow, circulation, and cell oxygenation.
  • It promotes good cell health and proper cell function.
  • It triggers the natural healing processes of the body, and helps remove cellular waste.

There are have been many studies showing the health benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF therapy is an important recovery tool, but it also provides a wide range of health benefits. Many people, both athletes and non-athletes, use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy as a part of their wellness regimen.

If you’re pro/elite athlete, age-grouper, or even a recreational athlete who wants to perform at your best, you should consider pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of PEMF therapy for athletes. We will soon be offering systems for home use as well as PEMF systems for athletic trainers, physical therapists, and wellness professionals.

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