Non Sale Wheels

​​​​​Our full carbon aero bike wheels are very much at the sharp end of bike wheel tech advances. We’ve been doing this a long time now - in fact our first forays into wind-tunnel work were almost 15 years ago at the MOD tunnel at RAF Cranham. We have of course learned so much since then!

ideal for bunch racing, triathlon, sportives and time trials - full carbon road bike wheels are incredibly versatile. They are aerodynamic, light, stiff (whilst still enabling a hugely comfortable ride). They of course look fantastic too!

So whether you need full carbon bike wheels for racing or for leisure - we’ll have the right set for you. Ranging from shallower super lightweight wheels to ultra deep section wheels and even time trial carbon disc wheels.

There are some things you’ll need to know though:  Full carbon wheels need special brake blocks (supplied with our wheels). This is to ensure smooth strong braking (modulation) in all conditions. This does mean that if you swap between alloy wheels and full carbon wheels - you will need to swap brake blocks every time! If that’s not for you please checkout our carbon/alloy wheels instead.

The other thing to note is that full carbon road bike wheels are not for super hot days in the Alps - where the rims can heat up considerably. Carbon is an insulator so holds rather than conducts heat away. Confident braking and good bike handling really help with full carbon wheels on long hot descents. We’re certainly not trying to put you off here! We just like to help our customers understand best the pro’s and con’s of their choices. We have a whole page on using carbons in fact. Carbons are great - just need to know how to use them.  Here>>>
Of course if you have disc brakes on your bike - none of the above factors exist as braking does not happen onto the rim!