Kinetic-One’s Forest


Well right now its just a small grove of trees in Scotland but with your help we’ll turn it into a complete forest.

This is our dream - to become the worlds first provably ‘carbon neutral’ cycling equipment business. By calculating our total carbon footprint we will offset this by planting trees. We wanted more than some vague commitment. This feels like the right way.

To see our grove - click here - you can even partner with us and add some trees yourself if you’d like to support this endeavour!

​​​​​​The grove is part of our wider commitment to taking full corporate responsibility for our actions. In this regard we have already ended relationships with 3 suppliers who refused to stop sending our supplies in excessive single-use plastic wrapping. All 3 were shocked when we actually closed our accounts - none suggested they could end this mis-use of plastic.

90% of our cardboard shipping boxes and 100% of our paper is made from fully recycled sources - and we recycle 100% of all cardboard waste that we produce.. As a business we are proud to say that, on average, we only now produce one black bin liner of landfill waste  per week.

We may be small but we make an impact - and we want that impact to always be a positive one.

We are also asking everyone who drives to our race series to consider buying one tree per year to plant in our grove. (At time of writing that’s £6 a tree) You can buy a tree for our grove at the above link.

Cycling is a great sport, it has a low environmental impact compared to so many other human activities - but producing cycling equipment is environmentally costly.