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Kinetic-One’s Forest

Kinetic-One is Carbon Neutral!


In October 2019 we achieved our biggest target: To become what we think is the worlds first provably ‘carbon neutral’ cycling equipment business.

We audited and calculated our total carbon footprint. We then worked hard to reduce it - (At December 2021 our direct footprint is now down to 19.8 tonnes of CO2 per annum).

We then offset our remaining footprint (and more!) by investing in 2 verified tree planting schemes. We wanted more than some vague commitment. This felt like the right way.

To one scheme we make a one-off payment to offset our entire DIRECT carbon footprint for the year in audited tree-planting. You can see our audit/offset certificate here. 

And for our second offsetting scheme - we decided to go even further. We didn't feel that a 'paper' exercise really quite cut it......

.... A business's calculated DIRECT carbon footprint takes into account only it's own direct activities. It does not include the manufacturing costs of any parts it brings in. (These parts being rightly seen as being part of the footprint of the company that actually makes each part).

So for us the rims/hubs/spokes we use are technically not part of our footprint. (The only part of that process that is "our" footprint is transporting them here!)

We decided that whilst that might be true - it was not enough. We know for a fact that few of our Italian suppliers (among others!) are doing much to offset their carbon load. And we are pressuring them all the time. In fairness most of our small Italian suppliers naturally work in a very artisanal way and that's naturally quite conservative,

That said - others are not similarly minded - So we decided in the short term to make up for their 'gap' in the carbon calculation by offsetting the carbon footprint of the MANUFACTURE of all parts we use. That adds an estimated 20 tonnes of carbon that we now plan to offset over the course of the next 12 months.

We also decided that it had to feel that we are actually physically doing something tangible to change our own behaviour.  We are uneasy about just writing a cheque to offset bad behaviour!

What better way of doing that than actually helping to plant a forest. Right now we are well into the HUNDREDS of trees. (Still more a 'grove' than a 'forest' perhaps!). It is in Dundreggan in Scotland - and is managed by UK 're-wilding' Charity TREESFORLIFE. With your help we’ll turn it into a complete forest.

It will also help us achieve our 2022 target: To reach a total of 500 trees planted in Scotland to offset the 'unaddressed' carbon load generated by our manufacturing suppliers.

In time of course we hope that they will take on the challenge themselves. But for now our main objective is to absolutely ensure that the full costs of every element of the production and distribution of Kinetic-One wheels is understood and accounted for. That's what we mean by carbon neutral!

And we'll be going up to Scotland as often as we can -  to help physically maintain the forest and really get to grips with what carbon-offsetting means! How exciting is that. We are even learning the Japanese art of Shinrin-Yoku!

To see our forest  - click here - you can even partner with us and add some trees yourself if you’d like to support this endeavour!