Kinetic-One “K1-33 RAD” Alloy Aero wheelset





INTENDED USE:  The latest version of our ever-popular, all-round, all purpose wheelset. Featuring a combined emphasis on strength, speed and durability, they are built for us in Italy.

Ideal for day-to-day training, fast-commuting and also for Sportives and Audax. This is our entry-level ALLOY aero wheelset for riders who want all the aero benefits of carbon - but want to stick with a more robust material and at a more realistic price-point.

They use the latest wider rim technology (whilst not being too wide! They fit pretty much any road bike made in the last 10-15 years!) At 17mm wide internally (24mm external) They are designed for optimised aerodynamics with 25mm and 28mm clincher tyres.​​​​​​​

(We handbuild the vast majority of our wheels here in the UK. The 33RAD's are one of 2 wheelsets we have built for us by our Italian partners in sizable quantities - This is how we can offer such high-quality equipment at such a great price!)

As with most of our alloy wheelsets, they use all European components. Both to ensure lasting quality and also to reduce our carbon footprint. (We believe we are still the UK's only certified 'Carbon Neutral' cycling equipment manufacturer).

​​​​​​​We also think we are now the only brand supporting small local European suppliers. Italy and France are of course the spiritual home of cycling - and are countries where so much cycling history and expertise resides. We are proud to work in this way!

The rims and spokes are made in France and we have the wheels built for us in Italy - using superb 'ultra-low drag', Italian-made, Miche Sealed bearing hubs. Miche hubs are rightly famed for their reliability, performance and price.

And they are READY TO SHIP in 2-3 days from order (meaning you do not need to wait the normal few weeks for us to build them!)

Offered With Full Warranty and professional mechanic support in-house.

Light enough and comfortable enough to get you up those hills in good shape, (with silky smooth Miche bearings to help even more), and aero enough to gift you free-speed on the flats and the downhills.


Technical Specification
RIM 30mm deep Aluminium 6005 clincher only rim
HUB Miche sealed bearing  hubs.
BEARINGS Miche sealed bearing hubs

Straight gauge black spokes

28 front RAD (radial laced)

28 rear - 3X (three crossed)

NIPPLES Brass Nickel coated for strength
RIM TAPES Included



 Shipping Weight (Box plus wheels)

Weight: 4kg

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