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Kinetic-One “K1-26SL ULTIMATE” Alloy Wheelset




INTENDED USE:  The lightest (26mm deep) version of our best selling "all purpose" 2-WAY FIT" Tubeless & Clincher road/sportive wheelset.  Several build options - With the Standard SuperAerolight Model weighing in from a tiny 1370 grams! And that’s for a new generation wider tubeless wheelset rated for riders up to 115kg.


Designed and hand built here in the UK with a triple emphasis on maximising aerodynamics, minimising weight, whilst at the same time maximising the strength characteristics demanded by UK roads.

So it’s light and tough for the hilliest and roughest of Sportives, Fast-accelerating enough for the busiest of bunch races and aero enough to ensure that you gain every possible watt of drag reduction. Several build options available - some lighter, some tougher and some both!

Beautifully finished (matte black rim with machined silver brake track), very light, superbly strong. Our ultimate rims are made from the latest generation aerospace grade superalloys and are packed full of the latest rim tech.

We can tailor these wheels precisely to your riding needs and your particular characteristics. For example we can build with any spoke configuration from 20/24 right up to 28/32 so even heavy riders can have super-light wheels.

We also offer these wheels in a choice of rim shapes: with a SYMMETRIC rear rim for those wanting to keep weights to a minimum - and an ASYMMETRIC rear option for riders who throw the bike about more on climbing! (Such riders gain more from increasing lateral stiffness than from saving a few extra grams) 

Your wheels will be hand built to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. (current build times are shown above).

Utilising top end PSR and Sapim CX-Ray spokes (the lightest, most aero, and one of the strongest spokes available) allied to top-end materials on rims and hubs means we can get weights down to a very small number - without compromising at all on strength

For example, the standard SUPERAEROLIGHT version from 1370 GRAMS a pair. For a 23mm wide super-stiff, all-terrain, tubeless ready wheelset we think that’s pretty impressive. There are several build variants available too.

Or our Aeroflow version is ultra rugged and yet has about the lowest drag of any hub!
 (See data here). 

Features a superb new wider rim profile compatible with both tubeless and clincher tyres. Slightly wider rims are the future of road wheels. They enable seamless tyre interfaces for max aero gain, they allow for wider tyres for shorter 'contact patch' and less rolling resistance. And to top it all -  they are tremendously comfortable - easing the lower back in the  final miles of those long long rides.

We think these are the best clincher/tubeless rims available. A bold claim but every time we build a set of these wheels we get very excited. The balance in the rim is fabulous - and from a geeky wheelbuilder point of view they build up to almost perfectly even tension - with tighter tolerances than any other wheelset we have ever built. From a rider perspective a rounder, truer, faster wheel is the simple result. Sounds basic but this is what wheelbuilders strive for. The rims are all pinned, welded with milled sidewalls. So super strong with beautiful attention to detail. It takes many hours to build a wheelset so using top notch components makes that labour a real pleasure!

The 23mm wide rim has fabulous cross-sectional strength whilst maintaining a tiny weight. It represents the very apex of the latest developments in the understanding of how to balance forces and tensions in a wheel. It's a joy to be able to partner these rims with CX-Ray spokes (always the peloton pro's choice) with the beautifully made Bitex hubs, with Japanese ezo bearings.

These wheels are extremely well priced we feel - sitting at about £200 less than our entry level carbon wheels. And that's the point perhaps - They are the very highest end alloy wheel we produce and are just full of top quality parts - and still cost less than the start point for carbon wheels. Ok some people have just got to have carbon ... we get that too .. but these are certainly a superb option to consider with a raft of benefits in every department.

Tubeless can be run at lower pressure than clinchers and this helps provide a more comfortable ride and it also eliminates the possibility of pinch flat punctures (caused from hitting potholes etc.) It's also the case that by filling the tubeless tyre with a sealant you can pretty much avoid all punctures forever more - even if you ride over glass or a nail sticks right through your tyre. Just remove it and the tyre will reseal around it!  

We recommend the new Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance tubeless tyres or for pure speed the Continental GP5000 Tubeless tyres. WE CAN SUPPLY AND FIT TUBELESS TYRES IF YOU REQUIRE.

We can build these for you in any combination you like! Standard builds are 20/24 spokes (for riders up to 95kg)  or 24/28 spokes for those up to 110kg. We can even build up to 32 holes if you prefer. Standard build is radial front and 2-cross-by-2 rear. We can build full 2 or 3 cross if you prefer. If you're reading this and have no idea what this all means - please don’t worry - the standard options in the dropdown menus are what suits most people fine!



RIM Aerospace grade alloy  - Tubeless and Clincher compatible
Matte black with machined silver sidewall
HUBS Bitex SL HUBS -  PLUS Upgrade options
BEARINGS Sealed Cartridge throughout – All hub types
SPOKES PSR AERO SL or Upgrade to CxRay
NIPPLES Alpina Blu power Nyloc Self-locking (the best!)
RIM TAPES Included
(20/24 spoke)
​​​​​(weights +/- 20grams)

​​​​​(weights +/- 20 grams)
Advised Rider weights 100kg 20/24 spoked version,
115kg 24/28 version

 Shipping Weight (Box plus wheels)

Weight: 4kg

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