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k1-85FW Ultimate Carbon Aero Bike Rim - Time Trial Triathlon

k1-85FW Ultimate Carbon Aero Bike Rim - Time Trial Triathlon


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​​​​​​​Pure speed, with great stiffness, ride comfort and fully clincher/tubeless compatible. We offer our 85FW rim in both front and rear options.

Our ultimate performance/strength lightweight 85mm deep filament wound carbon aero  road, time trial, triathlon bike rims. Superb aerodynamics meets superb quality control.  Each rim is compliant to within an incredible 0.3mm of perfect roundness. Most manufacturers do not publish their roundness figures for one very good reason!

To get these levels of performance each rim has to be built to extremely precise tolerances - and each rim is x-rayed at QC stage to ensure that the structural integrity is perfect. This ensures that this roundness can be retained when the rim is built up - and that perfectly even spoke tensions can be achieved. All wheelbuilders strive for the combination of round/true/even-tension as it makes for the fastest and longest lasting wheels.

Adding to these qualities - braking performance is ensured by use of ultra high temperature 240 degrees celcius resins. As a context: maximal braking temperatures on hot descents can be as high as 170 celcius - our rims are rated to 70 celcius higher than this. And that's 40 more than our previous rims. To be clear: we never advise full carbon wheels be used on hot summer alpine descents! Why? Whilst rims are good to 240c .... most inner tubes are not. Going tubeless helps but we’d still say safety first!

25.5mm wide they are fully optimised for maximal leading/trailing edge aerodynamics for both 25c and 28c clincher and tubeless tyres.

We’ve been building carbon wheels for almost 15 years now and these are our best ever rims: Fastest, strongest, lightest - with the best braking performance available.

We’ve also been around the block many times! This means we’ve learned a fair amount about some real-world practical matters that really influence rider satisfaction. Rim width for example: It strikes us that so many rims are offered in ever wider gauges. These may be great for aerodynamics but if your brakes or frame are at their limit to cope with such wide rims .... then surely any extra aero gains are lost (and more) when your rim rubs your brakes/frame the second you’re out of the saddle climbing or if you’re cornering! And with hidden aero brakes (with such small adjustability) this is even more likely. We think these things matter.

Filament Wound Technology

Filament winding technology is an automated method which has revolutionised rim consistency in the manufacture of full carbon wheels. Made from a single carbon filament - the manufacturing process enables precise control of every step - resulting in the roundest, strongest, lightest wheel combinations.

This level of precision and care extends throughout the entire quality control process -  with each and every rim X-Rayed for structural uniformity and compliance.

Unparalleled Braking Performance.

Not only does this make for stronger, longer lasting wheels - but also the nature of the "winding process"  facilitates another new technology that massively increases braking capability - especially at high temperatures.  

​​​The filament winding process enables the injection of a patented ultra heat resistant resin - directly into the carbon filaments - whilst the rim is built. This means the rim's braking surface is fully impregnated with resin during manufacture - rather than a braking surface being added to the surface of the rim post-production.

This makes for better braking - especially on long hot descents. These rims have their braking performance tested up to 250 degrees celcius.  This is 40 degrees higher than our previous rims - and as high as any top-end rims on the market.

Technical Details

Drilling: 20/24h (other drilling please contact us)

Rim Type: For rim brakes and clincher or tubeless tyres.

Size: 700C
External: 25.5mm
Internal: 19mm
Depth 85mm
Weight: 725 grams 
ERD: tbc mm
Rider weight limit: 120KG
Max tire pressure: 125PSI
Max spoke tension: 115KGF
Round to: ≤0.3mm


 Shipping Weight 


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