K1-33 AeroWide Disc Brake Wheelset (2-way-fit)
K1-33 AeroWide Disc Brake Wheelset (2-way-fit)
K1-33 AeroWide Disc Brake Wheelset (2-way-fit)
K1-33 AeroWide Disc Brake Wheelset (2-way-fit)
K1-33 AeroWide Disc Brake Wheelset (2-way-fit)

K1-33 AeroWide Disc Brake Wheelset (2-way-fit)


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INTENDED USE: Our latest multi-purpose super-aero 700c disc equipped road/training/gravel wheelset. Super tough, beautifully finished in matte black - and equally at home on road or trail.


Employs our new 33mm deep (circumferential depth), super-aero,  wider rim profile  (26mm external and 20mm internal). Built for us in the EU.

It’s “2-way fit” so compatible with clincher and tubeless tyres from 28c right through to 60c.

 Whether you’re riding Sportives, towpaths, hillpaths, forest trails, or cyclocross this wheelset will enable you to ride fast, for many years, over varying terrain. It’s all about the combination of aerodynamic profile and superb components coupled with the quality and robustness of build that we have long prided ourselves in.


It's an incredibly fast-moving time for road disc systems at the moment with lots of competing standards for Axle types and frame fitting methods and for rotor fastening.

These wheels are hence available for both modern axle fitment systems. Whatever your frame needs we can configure these wheels to your bike. And even if you change your bike - the hubs are all simply convertible to the other axles standards! We think that's massively important as it future-proofs your wheels! (no one wants to be left with the betamax of hub types and obsolete wheels!)

Or just drop us a line If you don't know what system your bike has (you won't be alone -  many people very understandably don't know, they just want to ride their bike after all!)


You can run these as conventional clincher wheels or you can set them up as Tubeless. Tubeless wheels can be run at lower pressure than clinchers and this helps provide a more comfortable ride and it also eliminates the possibility of pinch flat punctures (caused from hitting potholes etc.) It's also the case that by filling the tubeless tyre with a sealant such as STANS you can pretty much avoid all punctures forever more - even if you ride over glass or a nail sticks right through your tyre. Just remove it and the tyre will reseal around it!!!

We recommend  28c and above Hutchinson Fusion Tubeless tyres for these wheels. Or the new Continental GP5000 tubeless. If you’re riding clinchers on tarmac or light trail then GP5000 best - again 28c and above. !

But even if you're unsure about whether to go tubeless just yet  - worry not - you can run these wheels with inner tubes and clincher tyres in the traditional way!



MODEL Clincher 28'' 700 C DISC
VERSIONS Campagn.-Shimano-Sram
FINISH Black anodized
RIM Aluminium welded, CNC holes, valve hole 6.5mm. 33mm circumferential depth (28mm  vertical)  external 25.8mm /internal 19.6mm
28 REAR cross by 2 / 28 FRONT cross by 2
NIPPLES Self-locking ABS L 13 Ergal
HUB Formula Black Jack sealed hubs -  six bolt rotor fitting

PAIR CAMPAG : 1898g grams

 Shipping Weight 

Weight: 4kg


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