We are about striving to provide our customers with the most high-performing, high quality, cost effective, hand-built aerodynamic road, racing, TT and triathlon wheels we possibly can.

All our wheels are hand built in-house, by Andy Morgan, Kinetic-One's owner. Andy has built over 8000 wheelsets including many for pro's and world champions. (See our gallery for some of our recent wins!). Some of our entry level wheelsets are made for us in Italy and Portugal by professional wheelbuilders.

Handbuilt wheels run faster, smoother, and last longer than machine built wheels. There's no real mystique about why this is so - in spite of the "Dark Art "that wheel building is often seen to be. Its about understanding that the raw materials used (rims, spokes, nipples, hubs) are themselves never perfectly uniform. Each varies minutely in a very complex relationship.


A machine simply cannot get the same precise levels of roundness/true/tension that a great wheel builder can. (machine built wheels are brought up to tension so quickly in an industrial process that makes only small concession to the variance in materials mentioned above).

They are often round OR radially true OR Laterally True OR Equal Tensioned - but unless the components are all initially perfect (which they never really are) ..... never a great balance of all three. It's this balance that a wheel builder can create through careful feel, repetition and experience.

Wheel builders also know some of the essential skills that create better wheels that cannot be replicated well by machines: stress relieving spokes, pre-bending spokes to the correct zero stress angle for the wheel in question.

Of course with hand built custom wheels, such as our own, the wheelbuilder can build the wheels to suit the specific riders requirements. This means we can vary spoke count, hub type, axle materials, spoke tensions etc according to the riders weight, needs, and objectives.

Our wheels are deliberately not at the top end of the price spectrum. We believe they are however, very much at the right end of the spectrum when it comes to quality, performance, strength, durability, longevity, and fitness for purpose.

Moreover, we have applied some fairly fundamental physics to what we do – we have a long background in cycling science after all – and over the years have developed a good sense of how performance numbers can be influenced by both the rider and his/her choice of equipment. (We are also the UK’s longest established Bike Fitting specialist and have a history in human performance testing that has taken us into both the laboratory and the wind tunnel.)

We’ve developed our range of wheels over the past 10+ years and are fiercely proud of what we do and of our commitment to our customers – not just at the point of purchase but throughout the time they own and use our products.

We don't submit our wheels to the magazines for review - preferring to take our chances by asking our customers to review them on our website and on the forums. We think this gives potential buyers a truer picture than a one-off review based on a few minutes of a journalist riding our wheels!