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Choice of Kinetic-One Replacement Freehub Body



We mainly use the following free hubs on our wheels and your wheelset will require exactly the right freehub.

BITEX 6 DRIVE - used on all our Bitex hubbed wheelsets

Ambrosio 172 - used on many of our mid range wheels  (K1-42A, K1-30 Lite, K1-40s, K1-42s, K1-55c pre-2017,K1-42 Aero (some models)) 

Formula Labyrinthine -  aero and entry level wheels - K1-33 Duo, K1-33 RAD, K1-42 Aero (some models)

Miche Supertype - Custom builds  (please contact us to check)

DTSwiss Star Ratchet type - high end custom builds

You can order here or contact us first to check if you're ordering the correct item.

You may prefer to send us the wheel to replace the freehub - contact us for this option too.

If you have a wheelset purchased before 2015 please contact us before ordering as technology changes rapidly and we will need to match  your freehub to your wheels.

Weight: 1kg

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