Carbon Alloy Wheels

Welcome to our range of carbon wheels - complete with alloy braking surfaces - for road, time trial and triathlon bikes.

Handbuilt to a very high standard here in the UK, by us at Kinetic-One, We are master wheelbuilders with 20 years experience - which equates to about 8000 wheels individually built by hand in our Gloucestershire workshop. We invite you to see our 5 star customer reviews on each product page - something we work very hard to achieve.

Carbon / Alloy wheelsets are undoubtedly the most versatile road wheels available - capturing virtually all the advantages that carbon brings to cyclists and multi-sport athletes - without any significant downsides.

ideal for Time Trials, Triathlons, and also spot-on for all but the windiest of sportives, road riding and bunch racing.

With alloy braking surfaces you don't need special brake pads and braking is better than with Full-carbon clinchers (particularly on very long descents)

These wheels really are the ultimate ‘fit-and-forget’ wheels for riders who simply want the aerodynamic and ride- quality advantages that carbon wheels bring - but without the extra technical care that full carbon wheels necessitate. In that respect they represent the best value carbon wheels available.

Just one thing to be aware of - it is not possible to run tubeless tyres on Carbon/Alloy wheels.