Bike Fitting Testimonials

Bike Fitting Customer Testimonials

What our customers say:

Having had a significant knee in jury, I was keen to ensure that I was not being compromised by poor bike fit. Following an explanation of the process and a discussion of my aspirations, Andy set about taking my measurements, observing me on the bike and comparing the ideal figures with the current dimensions of my bike and making changes where required. With me back on the bike, it was apparent that the new settings allowed me to pedal more efficiently and ride more effectively, and in comfort. It was a fascinating process to go through and Andy obviously has an expansive knowledge, interest and enthusiasm for the subject. I would not hesitate to recommend the Total fitting service, as it is likely to be the best money that you spend on your bike.

kenneth Neilson

It was a pleasure to meet you on Friday and I thought the session was immensely informative and useful. I love your relaxed style and that you are keen to communicate the background to what you are doing and not just the solutions. I did a 25 and 50 mile ride over the weekend and have noticed a huge difference in my riding:

  • I was far more comfortable and everything seemed to be in the perfect place on the bike
  • I definitely produced more power and was more aero (I felt like I could ride comfortably on the hoods with arms and knees tucked in and with a still body and didn’t feel like using the bars except for on steep climbs). I was also able to use the drops without any discomfort
  • The bike felt more secure on the road and seem to handle more intuitively
  • BEST OF ALL – after 50 miles I would normally struggle to straighten my back after the ride, but this time I was virtually pain free. Probably less back discomfort than after a 50 mile car journey!

J Dent.

The fitting has proved to be great - spending more time on the aero bars - and no aches and pains even after a 7hr ride!

Dane Vanstone.

Thank you very much for your valuable time spent yesterday with me and my bikes. I went out today for a 3 hour non stop road ride and I felt brilliant - no aches or pains in my wrists, lower back and my legs. In my opinion, I rode 15 to 20% better than last weekend on a higher sprocket and could ride up small hills/rises in the road better, hence recovering quicker when over the hill/rise.

Alistair J Milne

Thanks for pointing out my positioning on the bike as i've nearly eliminated my lower back pain. Thanks again.

Kev Northey

The staff are just brilliant, the benefit of the fitting, less injuries, great comfort,and of course you go quicker! I'm now bringing in TT times as quick as I was at the end of last season and going up a slight incline on the TT I'm going 2mph quicker on that section than I was last year. I was fitter last year too. For me the fitting was worth every penny, and they made amendments to my bike as required quickly and offered great value for money.

Mike Firth

Thanks for finding out why I do not go as fast as I should on the bike! – if I am only hitting 53% pedal efficency on your spinscan pedalling equipment - then there is plenty room for improvement just on technique – your findings are exactly what I was hoping to find – and now I have the information to put it right – I am determined to reach min 75% efficiency in the near future. Thanks again for your help and will arrange to see you again in the spring to see how things are going

Tim Irish

Thanks for the fitting today have fitted new bars and stem. Went for a very short spin since it was nearly dark. I feel like I have gone straight from a childs trike to a full blown cyclist in one go.

A. Matthews

Have been for a 25 mile ride tonight and concentrated on keeping my elbows dropped and bent - seems to be a better position. I could initially feel my elbows and forearm muscles but that got better throughout the ride. My back actually feels better at the end of the ride so this is something I am going to stick with to. Also my saddle felt more comfortable following your angle adjustment so thanks for that too.

Matt Tibbles

Excellent service, with great attention to detail.

P Thompson

To quantify things - If 10 was the level of pain I felt during rides after my ba ck injury - after making the adjustments that the fitting suggested I felt I started my next ride with a pain level of 2-3 and finished at 4. So a great improvement!

A Patel

Very pleased and recommend the bike fitting session, perfect for setting up my bike.

A Williams

Excellent. A must have service for any cyclist of any standard.

Steve Rosewell