Alloy Aero Wheels (Rim/Disc)


Our deep and semi-deep, alloy aero bike wheel range is for riders who want the aerodynamic benefits associated with carbon wheels but prefer the more robust and durable construction offered by alloy - coupled with it's greater affordability.

Did you know that the same amount of money that can buy you some dubious aero  'ebay' wheels ... can buy you a professionally hand-built set of top-of-the-range Kinetic-One deep-section alloy road bike  wheels!  ​​​​A much better place to invest your hard-earned cash, we feel!

Quality alloys are very similar to carbon wheels in terms of aero gains - they are of course a little heavier on the whole  - but that does make them stronger of course - and you don’t need special brake blocks like full carbon wheels do.

This makes them ideal for racing triathlons, duathlons and time trials. The lightest versions of our alloy road bike wheels are in fact as light as carbon and are spot-on for sportives and mixed gradient rides.

Whilst our TOUGH wheels are perfect for heavier riders as the deep section rims make them prodigiously strong.

in many respects alloy wheels are the most versatile of all road / triathlon wheels. Super aero, super strong, Whilst still being light enough for the hills and long training rides. We offer a wide range of aero wheels with a great choice of build options.