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Advanced Kinetic-One: "Elite Race" Carbon Forks - 1 INCH steerer

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This is our ultra lite ELITE RACE CARBON 1 inch carbon fork. - WITH CARBON BLADES AND ALLOY STEERER.

It's getting almost impossible to source such forks as the world of new bikes has now gone over exclusively to 1&1/8th inch of course.

In fact we don't know of anyone else who offers a current range of 1 inch carbon forks (there will always be a few discontinued old stock ones kicking around! Deda and Tifosi for example.)

Yet so many riders have older bikes with 1 inch steerer columns and alloy or steel forks and upgrading the forks is the easiest and cheapest way to give your bike a new lease of life!

We specialise in top quality 1 inch forks and have done so for almost 10 years now.  Our range includes 4 model types of Kinetic-One 1 Inch carbon road forks.  Manufactured for us by Advanced International Multitech of Taiwan - For many many years an industry leader in bike composite technologies.

Designed with a discrete crown it - will fit all 1" integrated, semi-integrated and non-integrated headsets)

  • Fork length: 367mm (Total Length 667mm)
  • Material: Carbon with light alloy steerer
  • Weight: uncut - 506 grams approx - When cut to 150mm steerer approx - 440 grams
  • Rake 45mm
  • Steerer Length 300mm
  • Compatible with standard drop brakes.
  • WILL TAKE 23/25mm TYRES AND SOME 28mm's!

If you have a threaded headset currently then you will need a replacement headset to use these forks. We have replacement universal headsets from £26 approx and stems, carbon spacers etc - all you need to get your bike up and running. Just send us a message or call us and we can talk you through the process. Alternatively see our complete conversion kit that gives you everything you need to make the change!

Our superb 1 inch RACE threadless carbon forks. Superbly made and at a great price. An ideal upgrade to your old steel bike or winter bike. will work with any road bike with 1 inch steerer.

 Shipping Weight (Box plus wheels)

Weight: 1kg

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George - Guildford

Just invested in my 3rd set of these! Maybe sacrilege .. But all 3 sets are now on my stable of Colnagos. They are just so comfortable and make the bikes look stunning and new. Ride quality and responsiveness have turned my steel bikes from comfortable coach horses to thoroughbred stallions.

Neil Stern - Belgium

excellent - Have transformed my lovely Principia. Great support too. Thanks.

Jim Donaghey - Co. Donegal, Ireland

Advanced Kinetic-One: Elite Race Carbon Forks - 1 INCH steerer.

Ordered on 15th May, arrived Ireland 17th May, fitted 18th and rode out on 20th. First impressions after 20 mile seemed a little flexible - but after 60 miles grew to love them. No loss of steering feel or tracking ability and super absorbent - really kills road buzz even with 20mm Vittorias at 115psi.

2 years and 2200 miles later they're still bright and shiny, and superbly comfortable.

Richard - North Shropshire

Well now, I've got peace of mind that on a downhill, my forks won't be turning to two halves. They feel sturdy on the ride and there is less vibration coming through. I like them