Kinetic-One “K150/58-UC” Carbon wheelset
Kinetic-One “K150/58-UC” Carbon wheelset
Kinetic-One “K150/58-UC” Carbon wheelset
Kinetic-One “K150/58-UC” Carbon wheelset
Kinetic-One “K150/58-UC” Carbon wheelset
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£500 Off Clearance: 2022 Kinetic-One “K150/58-UC” Carbon wheelset





INTENDED USE: Our "Do Everything" carbon RIM BRAKE wheelset. This wheelset is ideal for Time Trials, Triathlons, and also spot-on for sportives, bunch-racing, and general road work. As of this spring the 50/58UC is our top-selling wheelset.

Weighing-in from as little as 1525 grams, this wheelset features the robustness of components and build that our customers expect.

Performance characteristics are maximised through combining a slightly deeper rear rim (for better aero performance) - with a shallower 50mm front wheel, for perfect handling in technical/windy conditions.

Designed to be aero, to be strong and to be light - at 1650 grams for our entry-level AeroLight model with superb Ambrosio sealed Italian hubs and class leading PSR 1432 Bladed Aero spokes.

Or to save weight whilst maintaining durability how about our 'All-Season' SUPERAEROLIGHT Bitex build with superlight PSR Aero spokes at 1525 grams. 

Your wheels will be hand built to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. (current build times are shown above).

At 25mm wide - it is aimed at those riders who prefer an ultra modern rim profile - critically without going too wide to cause frame clearance issues! The handling characteristics and strength of modern U rims is superb - even in pretty serious crosswinds - especially when compared to the V-rims of only a few years ago.


The 25mm rim is Ideal for tyres from 25c right up to 40c and beyond. Both Perfect for running tyres at lower pressure, whether you choose clincher or TUBELESS tyre setup!  And of course .......... arguably more aerodynamic and faster rolling than traditional hoops! Though this debate will continue to rage and rage!

In terms of rim width we think we've really hit the sweet spot at 25mm wide. Our entire rim-brake carbon range is from 25-26.5mm for the current year. We carefully explore all of the many possible widths that aero wheels are being developed in. We develop and continually hone our own testing protocols to this effect - and critically we look at a whole raft of practical "real-world" issues too that many rim makers simply overlook.

For example frame spacing: Yes its possible to go wider but at what point do wheels begin to compromise the frame. The last thing you want is to find that your carbon wheels rub your frame the moment you get out of the saddle! 25-26.5mm wide is in our view the best blend of performance and practical usability in our experience and that's why all our carbons are built within this width range.

Whether you intend to go wider or narrower - we'll have the right wheelset for you! And if you have a narrow clearance frame - we can special order in some 23mm or even 20mm rims for you and we do find that's the only solution for users of many brands of bikes.


NOTE: These wheels are ideal for UK roads and descents in all but the hottest weathers. If you are intending to race very long descents in hot weathers (such as continental summer sportives) or just want a more familiar braking feel - you may want to look at our  full-carbon filament-wound wheels. All full carbon rim-brake wheels (from all brands) do need more considered "pulsed" braking on long hot descents to prevent rims from heating too much (Our full-carbon filament-wound rims have amongst  the highest temperature-resistant rim tech available!). Keep it safe and keep it simple: If you are in any doubt in unfamiliar conditions - Use your Alloys that day. We also advise avoiding latex inner-tubes in unusually hot conditions and upgrading brake-blocks to SwissStop Yellows.

The technology has come such a long way in recent years that most riders are now fine with full-carbons, and they are lighter of course. We just like to give our customers all the facts . In fact we have never had a single rim issue on any our carbon wheels - we think this is because we are very straight with people about their relative advantages and disadvantages!

Technical Specification


700 C - 50mm U-shaped front / 58mm U-shaped rear, 25mm wide,  

Full carbon Clincher rim - TUBELESS COMPATIBLE.

FREEHUB FITTING SHIM/SRAM 7/8/9/10/11/12 or  CAMPAG 9/10/11/12 or XDR 11/12
HUB Ambrosio, or Bitex or DTSWISS
BEARINGS Sealed Cartridge throughout

PSR 1432  Bladed, or PSR Aero 1422 superlight

20 and 24 spoke combinations

NIPPLES Alpina Blu power Nyloc Self-locking (the best!)
RIM TAPES Included
Carbon specific brake pads Included
WEIGHT (without QR/tapes)



weights XDR add 15 gram Shim/Sram. (+/- 15 grams)


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
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Darren Douglas - Leeds

Knowledgeable service

Andy is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable in his craft. Every question I had (and I had a lot) he replied to and I ended up with a great set of wheels. The quality is amazing, the care and attention to detail was evident in the build and the packaging was excellent. This guy can make wheels! Thanks Andy. 👍🏼

Michael Wong - North Walsham

Thanks Kinetic-One Bike Wheels for my set. I was doing a triathlon on the weekend with some windy and rainy weather. They didn’t miss a beat. Predictable movement in the wind even though they are 50mm/58mm deep. Should have gone deeper though!!

Kev Lister - Leamington Spa

Hi Andy,

Just thought I’d drop you a line to say I love the wheels. Having now done a few miles on them, including a short time trial and a longer day out I can say that they are both fast and comfortable. I had been running Hunt aero aluminium rims (30mm deep), but your 50/58 set if anything are less sensitive to crosswinds and feel loads more stable at speed. The pairing to the Conti tubeless tyres also works really well- really confidence inspiring in corners. Thanks for the great kit, I’ll be recommending your wheels to anyone who will listen!

Merv Clark - Brum

Review: Spot on set of wheels. I use them in sprint tri''s right through to century sportives and they really feel like the right wheels gfor every job. you never feel you''re losing out. Again i guess that''s the aero and lightweight thing! Tough as old boots. i''ve given them a right lamping on our very knackered roads.

Dave Maxwell - Lancs

Review: I originally bought these as they looked like they''d go really well with the grey/black paintwork on my Trek Eqinox (I know thats a pathetic reason but there I''ve admitted it!) I''m not the most powerful rider and am very light. I was immediately surprised how much faster i went using these wheels - I suspect that being light has meant that when i''ve previously used aero wheels that any new aero gains have been cancelled out by the fact that the wheels have added more weight to the bike. These wheels are quite a lot lighter than my existing wheels and have deeper rims - So i''ve concluded that this is responsible for my improvement. I can''t think of any other explanation - by improvement I mean 19 seconds off my PB for 25 miles the first time i used them.

Jordan Wintle - Cheltenham

Review: Upgraded to these having previously used a Planet X tubular set and a Mavic Cosmic (with alloy braking surface) both around the same rim depth. The K1's have been a considerable upgrade for not much more cost. Andy talked me through spoke and hub options to create the right set up for the riding I do and taking into consideration rider attributes such as weight (for reference I am 67kg). I have used these wheels on both my road bike for circuit races and TT bike for non-draft duathlon as well as a few training rides . I have been thoroughly impressed with the performance of the wheels so far (probably around 500km or riding in total). The depth makes these really versatile as a go to set for racing, TT's or just making your bike look great on a club ride. They get up to speed quickly and the quality of the hubs mean they spin for an eternity, handling is great and has been tested in some less than ideal conditions at Odd Down and Castle Combe with the u-shaped profile seemingly helping with air flow compared to my previous Mavics. The braking has been consistent in both wet and dry conditions with the supplied brake blocks. It's great that you can select your own decals to match bike colours, I went for a subtle grey and black to allow transfer between bikes and a bit of a stealthy look. Overall super impressed and would highly recommend.