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2022 Kinetic-One K1-42TL Aero Road Disc Brake Wheelset.





Introducing what we are sure is the worlds first fully clincher/tubeless compatible deep-section 700c alloy disc wheelset.  With a superlative 42mm deep rim, designed by Andy Morgan here in the UK and hand-made for us by craftsmen in southern Italy  - this has been several years in development. (we also have the rim brake equivalent in our alloy's section!)

Coupled with this we have the lowest drag hubs of any hubs ... anywhere. The Miche Primato Race DX hubs. We like this combination!

It may also be the world's fastest Alloy rim.... we should wait till we've tunnel tested it against the Aforce AL33 (the current acknowledged fastest rim .. but early track tests conducted by ourselves are pretty clear to us! (It does need verifying of course.. just very excited .. we must be more patient!)

INTENDED USE: Road, Sportives, TT's and Tri's.  This is our mid-range TARMAC/GRAVEL/CYCLOCROSS FOCUSSED deep section alloy road disc wheelset for clincher tyres - Super-aero, tough and a beautiful matt black finish.

And if weight-saving is your thing: at only 1775 grams you can go for the upgrade to the Bitex build version with PSR 1422 light aero spokes -It is extremely light for a 24mm wide, fully 'deep-section' alloy wheelset. Or upgrade to CXRAY spokes to save another 20 grams and further enhance the aerodynamics.

K1 disc

In short: It looks like carbon, has the same aero-profile as deep-section carbon, weighs very similar to carbon - and rides more like carbon than any alloy wheel we’ve ever made. It is also tough as they come. It is also the only seriously deep alloy to be tubeless and clincher compatible..... AND .. It’s half the price of carbon!

Your wheels will be hand built to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. (current build times are shown above).

THIS IS OUR BRAND NEW MID-RANGE, 42mm Deep, DISC SPECIFIC AERO wheelset. Designed simply to bring pure aero benefit to your Disc equipped bike.

Light and tough enough for the hilliest and roughest of Sportives, And fast-accelerating enough for racing, and of course, aero enough to ensure that you gain every possible watt of drag reduction.

The k1-42TL AeroDisc is built around our class leading  deep aero alloy rim, with it's pure speed profiling and its stunning "Graphite" finish.

The rim has an external width of 24mm and an internal width of 18.6mm - making it perfectly optimised  for 25c/28c/32c tyres (and right up to 50c in fact) in terms of both performance and seamless aerodynamics.

We marry the rims to the hubs via top-end PSR Aero 1422 spokes. Or you can upgrade to Sapim CXRAY's for absolute aero gain and weight-saving. The CXRAY's are the most aero spokes on the market. 


We offer a choice of superb hubs. From Italian Miche hubs (with the lowest drag of any hub available anywhere, to the fantastically light and reliable Taiwanese Bitex hubs.

It's an incredibly fast-moving time for road disc systems at the moment with lots of competing standards for Axle types and frame fitting methods and for rotor fastening.

The K1-42TL AERO DISC's are handbuilt to order and are available for the whole wide range of modern axle and rotor fitment systems. Whatever your frame needs we can configure these wheels to your bike. And even if you change your bike - the hubs are all simply convertible to all the other axles standards! We think that's massively important as it future-proofs your wheels! (no one wants to be left with the betamax of hub types and obsolete wheels!)
Technical details below.

Or just drop us a line If you don't know what system your bike has (you won't be alone -  many people very understandably don't know, they just want to ride their bike after all!)

AXLES : We can configure your wheel axles to meet your frame requirements. So whether you have standard quick release or the more modern "thru-axle" setup, or whether you have 135mm or 142 mm rear spacing, we can supply them ready-to-roll!

HUBS : We use quality Miche and Bitex 6-Drive hubs (for both Centerlock and 6-bolt rotor builds). Weights below for c/lock. Add approx 100 grams for 6-bolt.

Hand built in Gloucestershire, and utilising top quality build components. We carry spare hubs, bearings, and should you ever need one - spare spokes!



RIM Clincher/ Tubeless alloy 700c rim
WIDTH/DEPTH 18mm internal width/ 24mm external width. 42mm deep.
TYRE COMPATIBILITY Clincher and Tubeless
FINISH Graphite Matt Black
or Sapim CX RAY AERO spokes.
NIPPLES Alpina Bontrager Hex Alloy
HUB Miche or Bitex Future proofed hubs - adaptable to all modern road disc standards. 
(24/24 spokes)




Code: K142TL aerodisc

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Neil McNulty - Galway

Hi Andy,

I hope you are well.

I am delighted to see you are very busy & I’m not surprised as I’m delighted with my wheels (K1­42TL Aero Road Disc).

As a side note my averages have increased greatly since fitting the new wheels last year so thanks a mil. Bike picture attached. (Merida Scultura 7000E) Regards, Neil.

Fraser Heron - Coventry

Fantastic wheels

After much debate I decided to purchase these wheels as an upgrade on the standard Giant ones and I’m so glad I did. They spin so smoothly it feels that I’m riding a new bike. Wheels arrived, fully shod with the selected tubeless tyres within 14 days of ordering. A real talking point from everyone that has seen them fitted to my bike. I’ll definitely be a returning customer.

Keith Jones - Midlands

I also wanted to give you some really positive feedback on the two wheel sets I bought earlier this year. I can honestly say they are the best alloy wheels I have ever owned.

The K1-42TL have made me fall in love with my cross bike all over again (sad isn’t it!) I have put some Vitoria Corsa Speed G+ tubeless on and now have a rapid commuter bike for the summer as well as a mud loving crosser for the winter! I have also proven that they remain true after a low speed collision with an Audi A5 (whose bumper came off second best, unbelievably the driver said she thought cars had right of way at mini-roundabouts over bikes that’s why she pulled out!!!).

The K1-45 SL have done about 2000 miles on my Scott foil and are still immaculately true and look almost new!

I recommended you to a friend who is also delighted with his new wheelset.👍

Stay safe and well


shaun mcgoldrick - UK

Thought i'd update you as to the durability of your wheels, I hit a large pothole last night that blew the tyre straight away at around 30mph. The inner tube had 2 splits about 1 inch long in them.. the wheels are perfect not a mark or dent in them and still run perfectly true. Excellent wheels and can't fault them in anyway having covered 2500 miles.

Shaun McGoldrick - Letchworth

I'm really impressed with the build quality of the wheels, on my first ride I went down a pothole heard a bang and thought i'd damaged the front wheel but to my surprise the wheel was fine with no damage. Once up to speed they roll very well and i'm sure as the season continues I will see an improvement on my personal best times. As stated previously I can't believe how well they roll, in group rides on descents i'm having to apply the brakes and freewheel while my friends are still pedalling. Overall i'm very happy with the wheels and offer great value for money.

Mr R Walsh - Northumberland

Wanted a strong set of aero wheels for our dreadful roads. Took longer than they said they would to build (12 days so not bad but they did say 7 days). Wheels are really very good and attract admiring comments too. Stiff and fast.

Iain Gillespie - N London

Was looking around for carbon wheels and then I saw these. They did a good selling job with what they wrote as I was a bit nervous about carbon wheel strength anyway - so it touched a nerve. I love these wheels. had them only 2 months so can't comment on long term durability yet - but they are still so true and really feel incredibly strong when riding them over bad roads etc. Bought them to race on but have to say that they are on my bike 24/7 already!

Dan - Lincoln

Great wheels, run true, solid, outstanding customer service and the wheels look immense!

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