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2020 Kinetic-One K1-42TL "GRAPHITE AERO" Deep Alloy wheelset
2020 Kinetic-One K1-42TL "GRAPHITE AERO" Deep Alloy wheelset
2020 Kinetic-One K1-42TL "GRAPHITE AERO" Deep Alloy wheelset
2020 Kinetic-One K1-42TL "GRAPHITE AERO" Deep Alloy wheelset
2020 Kinetic-One K1-42TL "GRAPHITE AERO" Deep Alloy wheelset
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2020 Kinetic-One K1-42TL "GRAPHITE AERO" Deep Alloy wheelset




Quite simply... The world’s first and only deep-section Tubeless/clincher alloy wheelset!

INTENDED USE:  Bunch races, time trial and Triathlon (from Sprint to IRONMAN distance.) This is our multi-functional custom built ALLOY aero wheelset. This is a super tough - super aero racing and training wheelset that is equally at home on Summer TT's and fast winter commutes!


It’s for riders who want all the aero benefits of carbon - but want to stick with a more robust material and also save a significant sum of money at the same time. Not the lightest wheels we do of course but an enduring best seller ... now with the added benefit of being tubeless ready

It seems inconceivable to us: There was not a single deep-alloy TUBELESS & CLINCHER READY wheelset available anywhere on the planet... yet the benefits and need for them is so self-evident. So, in keeping with our long experience of innovation in wheel design... we came up with our own wheels. 

Fully clincher and tubeless ready they are 23mm wide externally and 17.5 internally. Fully performance optimised for 25c and 28c tyres (will also take a 23mm if you have frame clearance issues ... or if you are old skool!)

Super aero rims complimented by black aero spokes. We offer a range of build options - to suit your budget, your weight and depending whether your focus is on ‘all out aero’, or on reducing weight... or on the sheer look of these wheels!

The rims are handmade for us in Northern Italy by craftsmen who we’ve worked with for almost 20 years.

Your wheels have our signature all-black 'Graphite' finish for a really stealthy look. The graphite finish means the entire rim (including the braking surface) has a dark grey finish. You can choose our stealth/black/dark grey decals for a look as in the photo’s here. Or you can choose to have your wheels built with any of our 10 coloured decal options. 
Our Graphite coating is chemically bonded onto the alloy giving a penetration to a depth of up to 50  microns thick.  (Compare this to the standard for most wheels of 10 micron depth). Not only does the finish look fantastic - it Increases wear life of rims and gives quicker braking.

WE RECOMMEND SOFT BRAKE BLOCKS LIKE SWISSSTOP YELLOWS. (We can supply these blocks with your order - see menu above)



Your wheels will be hand built to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. Turnaround is 7-11 days. Offered with full warranty.

Offered With Full Warranty and professional mechanic support in-house.


Technical Specification
RIM 42 mm deep aluminium clincher/tubeless rim
graphite coated finish
HUB Range of options - all with sealed hubs.
BEARINGS Japanese EZO Double sealed bearing hubs
SPOKES 20 front / 24 rear - PSR Aero BLACK
NIPPLES Brass - Ni coated
RIM TAPES Included
WEIGHT AEROLIGHT version : 1995 grams approx
SUPERAEROLIGHT version: 1880 grams approx

 Shipping Weight (Box plus wheels)

Weight: 4kg

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Dominic Townsend - South London

Could not be happier with my K1 wheels. Must admit it was the stealthy look that swung it! But I was so impressed when they arrived. I do like the whole bespoke thing. I continue to be impressed with them (I am writing this review as I have had them nigh on 12 months). They still roll true and still look magnificent. Thank you.

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