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2020 Kinetic-One K1-33ST Wheelset (HEAVY RIDERS TO 150kg+)
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2020 Kinetic-One K1-33ST Wheelset (HEAVY RIDERS TO 150kg+)


INTENDED USE:  The K1-33ST is the new version of our best selling K1-33SL "multi-purpose" wheelset. The ST stands for ‘SuperTough’. Our toughest ever aero Clincher wheelset. FOR RIDERS UP TO 150KG AND BEYOND.


Tough enough for the hilliest and roughest of Sportives, Fast-accelerating enough for the busiest of bunch races and aero enough to ensure that you gain every possible watt of drag reduction.

Beautifully finished with a stunning matt Gunmetal black finish,  superbly strong and packed full of the latest rim tech for heavy riders or the heaviest duty riding.

Your wheels will be hand built to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. Turnaround time is most often 7-11 days. (current build times are shown at checkout).

​​​​​​​Utilising strengthened versions of all the components on our K1-33SL wheelset: This is an all purpose road/sportive wheelset aimed specifically at heavier riders.

Features a superb new wider rim profile compatible with clincher tyres and designed to be so strong it can even be used on tandems. Slightly wider rims are the future of road wheels. They enable seamless tyre interfaces for max aero gain, they allow for wider tyres for shorter 'contact patch' and less rolling resistance. Superbly aero and comfortable too - they will take a tyre from 25c up to 40c width!

Offered With Full Warranty Plus A 14 Day "No Quibble Returns Policy" - If You're Not In Love With These Wheels The Moment You Get Them Just Send Them Back For A Refund Any Time Within 14 Days Of Receipt.

The balance in the rim is fabulous - and from a geeky wheelbuilder point of view they build up to almost perfectly even tension - with tighter tolerances than any other wheelset we have ever built. From a rider perspective a rounder, truer, faster wheel is the simple result. Sounds basic but this is what wheelbuilders strive for. The rims are all pinned, welded with milled sidewalls. So super strong with beautiful attention to detail. It takes many hours to build a wheelset so using top notch components makes that labour a real pleasure!

The 24mm wide rim has fabulous cross-sectional strength whilst maintaining a tiny weight. It represents the very apex of the latest developments in the understanding of how to balance forces and tensions in a wheel.

 It's a joy to be able to partner these rims with SAPIM RACE spokes (or Sapim FORCE if you are towards the higher end of the weight limit or need an even tougher wheelset!) and the beautifully made Bitex 103 touring hubs, with Japanese ezo bearings. The rear hub has an incredible 6 bearings and the front hub has 4. The unusually high number of bearings ensures lasting smooth rolling for heavier riders - distributing the weight across more bearings than conventional hubs.



RIM Super tough alloy Clincher compatible
HUB Bite BX103 6-Drive hubs as standard
BEARINGS Sealed Cartridge throughout – All hub types
SPOKES Sapim Race Black / upgrade option to Sapim Force Black
NIPPLES Alpina Blu power Nyloc Self-locking (the best!)
RIM TAPES Included
WEIGHT ​​​2150 grams
Advised Rider weights 150kg 

 Shipping Weight 

Weight: 4kg


Based on 4 reviews
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Nigel Parkes - Bucks

Purchased a set of the 2019 specced wheels in stealth black/grey. They look classy on my bike and very understated. First impressions are that they perform really well. I was looking for something at a sensible price to hopefully give me some meaningful aero gain for fast group rides when it's my turn to pull on the front. Andy suggested the K1-33 and for what I currently need these seem spot on. Very happy with them.

Andy Wescott - Barton on Sea

I have covered over 1000 miles on these rims and can only say they are fantastic. The graphics are very stylish and the rigidity is second to none which is very confidence inspiring. They have remained absolutely true, roll very freely and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Neil Harrison - UK

Excellent set of wheels,sturdy enough to take the pounding of Cheshire tarmac (and potholes) no problem. Light and durable at this price - excellent value. Bling rating - 5/5 really look the D's B's.

Kevin McDermott - -

had these wheels for 2 years. The wheels have done over 10000miles in that time and remained true. This News Year Day whilst out riding I had a crash when riding through a puddle that turned out to be a 5 feet x 3 feet and 7 inches deep pot hole at over 20mph. The impact caused me to kiss the tarmac and sustain the usual road rash. The impact took out both front and rear tubes and the front wheel to become untrue. At the LBS they were amazed that the wheels had survived such a major impact with such little damage. 2 dents in the rim which were knocked out and the wheel retrued. The wheel is as good as new and rolling out the miles again. The wheels are superb, fab rollers and almost maintenance free. At the price you knock them out for they are a true steal. Just thought I would let you have feedback on the endurance and strength of a truly super product.