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2019 Kinetic-One K1-50/58c  Carbon Clincher wheels (alloy braking)
2019 Kinetic-One K1-50/58c  Carbon Clincher wheels (alloy braking)
2019 Kinetic-One K1-50/58c  Carbon Clincher wheels (alloy braking)
2019 Kinetic-One K1-50/58c  Carbon Clincher wheels (alloy braking)
2019 Kinetic-One K1-50/58c  Carbon Clincher wheels (alloy braking)
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2019 Kinetic-One K1-50/58c Carbon Clincher wheels (alloy braking)




INTENDED USE:  This is our "max-aero multi-functional Sportive/TT/Tri" carbon wheelset.  It features an alloy braking surface for reassurance and for all-round versatility. Ideal for road work and also for Time Trials, Triathlons, and also spot-on for bunch racing.

Performance characteristics are maximised through combining a slightly deeper rear rim (for better aero performance) - with a shallower 50mm front wheel, for perfect handling in technical/windy conditions.

With alloy braking surfaces you don't need special brake pads and braking is better than with Full-carbon clinchers (particularly on very long descents)

Your wheels will be hand built to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. Turnaround time is most often 7-11 days. (current build times are shown at checkout).

Offered With Full 2 Year Warranty Plus A 14 Day "No Quibble Returns Policy" - If You're Not In Love With These Wheels The Moment You Get Them Just Send Them Back For A Refund Any Time Within 14 Days Of Receipt.

These are our stunning new K1 Carbon 50mm deep front /58mm deep rear -   700c clincher wheels (for inner tubes and tyres). For Road or Time Trial or Tri bikes. They have alloy braking surfaces.  This is the new deeper version of our best-selling K1-50c wheels - new rim depth but same spec and equipment options!  Includes lovely new 20/24 spoke choices - some lighter, some more aero, and some in superb new colours to make your bike simply stunning!

The K1-50/58 mm wheelset is aimed at Road racers, sportivistes, Triathletes and Time Triallists, where aero is king but you don't want to add the weight of really deep rims to your bike. Also ideal for even windy sportives and bunch races -  We've also designed them to be a super-tough "investment" wheelset. We believe carbon wheels should be as strong as alloy wheels. (more on this below!)

The 50/58's are built around our modern "semi U" shaped structural carbon semi-toroidal aero rim. designed to run best with 25c to 40c wide tyres but will also run 23c tyres fine).  The rim is designed to cut through the air going forward, whilst maintaining a superb lateral integrity to cross-winds across a full range of wind "yaw" angles.  

We can supply them with a range of clincher tyres - NOW INCLUDING what we reckon is the fastest all-round clincher combination known to humankind: This is the ContiGP5000 tyres, paired with latex inner tubes. The combination of rolling resistance tests and formal aerodynamics assessments affirms this is the best way to go for all out speed. And when we say "all-round" we mean for real world riding. There are slightly faster tyres ... but they won't last 5 minutes on UK roads! (The GP5000's have puncture protection and are strong as well as blisteringly fast).

Unlike the vast majority of alu-carbon deep-section aero wheelsets, the K1-50/58c's are also designed to be super-strong. The inclusion off alloy brake tracks and hence an alloy cross sectional structure means they are perfect for racing and still strong enough to train on.

In terms of rim width we think we've really hit the sweet spot at 23-24mm wide. We carefully explored all of the many possible widths that aero wheels are being developed in. We developed and continually honed our own testing protocols to this effect - and critically we looked at a whole raft of practical issues too that many rim makers simply overlook. For example frame spacing: Yes its possible to go wider than 23-24mm but at what point do wheels begin to compromise the frame. The last thing you want is to find that your carbon wheels rub your frame the moment you get out of the saddle! 23-24mm wide is in our view the best blend of performance and practical usability in our experience.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a narrow clearance frame - we can special order in some 20mm rims for you and we do find that's the only solution for users of many brands of bikes (Notably Scotts for example!)


RIM structural carbon with alu braking surfaces
HUB Ambrosio or Formula standard hubs, or upgrade to Bitex
BEARINGS Sealed Cartridge throughout – All hub types
NIPPLES Alpina Blu power Nyloc Self-locking (the best!)
RIM TAPES Included
WEIGHT 1695 grams per pair : SUPERAEROLIGHT build
1720 grams per pair : Aerolight build
​​​​1805 grams per pair: Aero build
Suggested max rider weight 110kg


 Shipping Weight 

Weight: 4kg


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Ben LLewellyn - Dalston, London
Andy built me a great set of Aero Wheels. I've used leading wheel brands in the past (some you see in the Pro Peloton) and comparing the amount I spent with Andy vs. my individual performance gain, it's definitely been worth the investment! My speed results/segment results are much better than expected and in addition to this: the service from Andy is fantastic, he's a very experienced and talented wheel builder. The breaking surface on the Deep Section Aero Alloy Rims is very very good and they hold speed ~38-40kph in the bunch as if I'm riding a motor bike! I highly recommend Kinetic One. Ben - London Phoenix CC
Stu Jordan - London
These wheels are a step change from what I'd been used to and have made a noticeable difference to my acceleration and top speed. It feels like they spin with almost no effort and climbing with them in the Kent Alps is a joy. I don't race, but happily fly along on the open road at 30+mph with these wheels. Would highly recommend.
Trevor Lockley - Staines
Didn't have the money for Zipps - wanted wheels that were aero, and a bit nice - but also had to be tough - as i''ve not alot of dosh! The kinetics have done me proud in sportifs and doing a few tri''s. For the money they are really something. They did forget to include Quicl Releases - but i rang up and they came next day.
Tony B - New Forest, Hampshire
This is the first time that I've ridden Aero Wheels. I was a little concerned at first that they might be a problem in the wind, but all my fears have come to nothing! I have ridden these in some very windy conditions recently and the effect has been minimal. They are fast wheels (I cannot think that the gain in speed is all me!), look good and sound great. I was passing a fellow cyclist the other day (something that doesn't happen too often the older you get) when he commented "I heard you coming" at which point I said that I wasn't puffing that hard, and he smiled and said "No, your wheels sound great". So it's not just me!
Paul Caswell - UK
Thanks for sending the wheels. I'm running them with 23c tyres as that's the maximum my rear brake (Giant Propel) will allow, but the profile seems fine. Just to confirm what you already knew... they are fast! I did a little test ride when they arrived but today was the first time I have used used them for the commute to work - so a route I have travelled probably 250+ times. Although conditions were pretty favourable, there was no significant tail wind and yet I still set my fastest ever time to work and set quite a few PRs on Strava on the way. Thanks very much - great wheels! Paul.
Scott Dorrell - Swansea
Absolutely love my wheels not only do they look the bee's knees they preform like it aswell! Cant wait to get a new set when i get my new tt bike!!
Gordon - Bristol
Great wheels and superb service from Kinetic One. I bought these for my wife's birthday present. Kinetic One made sure that they arrived in time for an event too. Build quality is excellent.