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2019 Kinetic-One K1-45Aero Disc Brake Wheelset
2019 Kinetic-One K1-45Aero Disc Brake Wheelset
2019 Kinetic-One K1-45Aero Disc Brake Wheelset
2019 Kinetic-One K1-45Aero Disc Brake Wheelset
2019 Kinetic-One K1-45Aero Disc Brake Wheelset
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2019 Kinetic-One K1-45Aero Disc Brake Wheelset


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INTENDED USE:  Road , Sportives, TT's and Tri's.  This is our mid-range TARMAC FOCUSSED deep section alloy road disc wheelset for clincher tyres - Super-aero, tough and a beautifully anodised finish.

Your wheels will be handbuilt to order here in the uk by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. Turnaround time is 4-7 days!


THIS IS OUR BRAND NEW MID-RANGE, 45mm Deep DISC SPECIFIC AERO wheelset. Designed simply to bring pure aero benefit to your Disc equipped bike.

Light and tough enough for the hilliest and roughest of Sportives, And fast-accelerating enough for racing, and of course, aero enough to ensure that you gain every possible watt of drag reduction.

The k1-45 AeroDisc is built around our class leading 45 mm deep aero alloy rim, with it's pure speed profiling and its stunning "Graphite" finish 

We marry the rims to the hubs via top end Belgian SAPIM spokes, always the pro's choice! You can elect to have Sapim Race spokes for strength or upgrade to Sapim CX-Ray spokes for absolute aero gain. The CX-Ray is still the most aero spoke on the market and about the toughest spoke available too.


It's an incredibly fast-moving time for road disc systems at the moment with lots of competing standards for Axle types and frame fitting methods and for rotor fastening.

These wheel are totally versatile and ready to work all the modern variants that different brands are working to

The K1-45 AERO DISC's are handbuilt to order and are available for the whole wide range of modern axle and rotor fitment systems. Whatever your frame needs we can configure these wheels to your bike. And even if you change your bike - the hubs are all simply convertible to all the other axles standards! We think that's massively important as it future-proofs your wheels! (no one wants to be left with the betamax of hub types and obsolete wheels!)
Technical details below.

Or just drop us a line If you don't know what system your bike has (you won't be alone -  many people very understandably don't know, they just want to ride their bike after all!)

AXLES : We can configure your wheel axles to meet your frame requirements. So whether you have standard quick release or the more modern "thru-axle" setup, or whether you have 135mm or 142 mm rear spacing, we can supply them ready-to-roll!

ROTOR FITMENT : We use Bitex 6-Drive and DTSwiss  hubs (for Centerlock and 6-bolt rotor builds).  

If you'd like the advantage that superlight wheels give you - but don't want to hand over the £700 or so that the Ksyrium Pro DISC wheelset will set you back, then these wheels at a little more than half that price, may be what you are looking for.

Handmade by us in our workshop in Gloucestershire, and utilising top quality build components. We carry spare hubs, bearings, and should you ever need one - spare spokes!



MODEL Clincher 28'' 700 C
ETRTO 622-13,5 din
O.L.D. hub width 100/130
VERSIONS Campagn.-Shimano-Sram
FINISH Graphite Anodized
RIM Aluminium 6082-T6, welded, CNC holes, valve hole 6.5mm
SPOKES Sapim 24 RACE double butted spokes as standard,​​​​
Or upgrade to the ultimate: 
Sapim 24 BLACK CX RAY aero-spoke,
24 REAR cross by 2 / 24 FRONT cross by 2
NIPPLES Self-locking ABS L 13 Ergal with washers
HUB Bitex and DTSwiss Future proofed hubs - Supplied to fit your bike (see menu above) and adaptable to all modern road disc standards. 
​​​​​​​(24/24 spokes)


 Shipping Weight / Product Code

Weight: 4kg


Based on 6 reviews
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Dan - Lincoln
Great wheels, run true, solid, outstanding customer service and the wheels look immense!
Mark Harney - Yorkshire
Andy, the wheels are excellent and did me proud at the recent World Duathlon Championships. They also look nice on my Felt bike (much better than Ottawa last year). As I’m not at the top end of cycling (just yet!), they are affordable but durable at the same time. My bike times are now getting quicker and one day they hopefully match my run times (which is where my strength is within Duathlon and Triathlon). I’m hoping to go to the World Duathlon Championships.....
Iain Gillespie - N London
Was looking around for carbon wheels and then I saw these. They did a good selling job with what they wrote as I was a bit nervous about carbon wheel strength anyway - so it touched a nerve. I love these wheels. had them only 2 months so can't comment on long term durability yet - but they are still so true and really feel incredibly strong when riding them over bad roads etc. Bought them to race on but have to say that they are on my bike 24/7 already!
Mr R Walsh - Northumberland
Wanted a strong set of aero wheels for our dreadful roads. Ability to go for a 28 rear spoking was a clincher for me. Took longer than they said they would to build (12 days so not bad but they did say 7 days). Wheels are really very good and attract admiring comments too. Stiff and fast.
Shaun McGoldrick - Letchworth
I'm really impressed with the build quality of the wheels, on my first ride I went down a pothole heard a bang and thought i'd damaged the front wheel but to my surprise the wheel was fine with no damage. Once up to speed they roll very well and i'm sure as the season continues I will see an improvement on my personal best times. As stated previously I can't believe how well they roll, in group rides on descents i'm having to apply the brakes and freewheel while my friends are still pedalling. Overall i'm very happy with the wheels and offer great value for money.
shaun mcgoldrick - UK
Thought i'd update you as to the durability of your wheels, I hit a large pothole last night that blew the tyre straight away at around 30mph. The inner tube had 2 splits about 1 inch long in them.. the wheels are perfect not a mark or dent in them and still run perfectly true. Excellent wheels and can't fault them in anyway having covered 2500 miles.