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2019 Kinetic-One "K1-42A Tough"  42mm deep Alloy wheels
2019 Kinetic-One "K1-42A Tough"  42mm deep Alloy wheels
2019 Kinetic-One "K1-42A Tough"  42mm deep Alloy wheels
2019 Kinetic-One "K1-42A Tough"  42mm deep Alloy wheels
2019 Kinetic-One "K1-42A Tough"  42mm deep Alloy wheels
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2019 Kinetic-One "K1-42A Tough" 42mm deep Alloy wheels


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Ideal for Time Trialling, Tri, Training, fast commuting, and if you go for the RACE spoke option, they are great for fast Sportives and audaxes too.

Your wheels will be handbuilt to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. Turnaround time is 4-7 days!


Offered With Full 2 Year Warranty Plus A 14 Day "No Quibble Returns Policy" - If You're Not In Love With These Wheels The Moment You Get Them Just Send Them Back For A Refund Any Time Within 14 Days Of Receipt.

The rationale is simple and we can't understand why no other brand has thought about the performance needs of heavier riders. Perhaps not surprising as they tend to assume all riders are 8 stone after all!

Put simply, heavier riders tend to squash wheels radially and ordinary wheels compress under continual loading. Quite literally they are not round. Not only does this weaken the spokes and rims and hubs but the extra continual effort that it takes to rotate a wheel as it constantly deforms and recovers is huge. Like having donuts for wheels! (see donut image above!)

The solution is simple  and known by all good wheel builders. its just that the rationale has not been applied to performance aero wheels ... until now.  

The wheels are designed by Kinetic-One founder Andy Morgan. About 6 years ago Andy was a 16 stone 10 mile Time Triallist.  He rode the prototype of these wheels to a to a 20:47 minute 10 mile time trial which, whilst it was pretty pleasing, it was not that surprising. But he only really knew he was onto something when he rode them to a top 50 finish out of 1000+ riders in the Dragon Ride. At 16 stone! (There he is posing in the image above!)

Since then we've honed and developed the concept into what has become the K142A TOUGH wheelset . Applying all our knowledge of aero wheels and adding in the key concepts that impart strength above all else.

There are 6 elements that make a wheel stiff and hence round and true under load: Rim depth / rim strength / number of spokes / bracing angle / spoke gauge / lacing pattern. The decision to maximise the stiffness of each of these elements was the simple logic behind the 42A Tough wheels. That and using very strong components that don't add surplus weight.

Our super tough deep rims and high spoke numbers are the key to stiffness.  Our 28 spoked "paired / 2-Cross" pattern reinforces this further and holds the wheels true under heavy lateral loads (the spokes from each pair pull together at the same point on the rim at exactly the same time - one from each side of the wheel and this balances the lateral forces). This is much more effective at keeping a wheel laterally true under load than a traditional spoke pattern (where the spokes are equidistantly separated and alternate one from each side along the rim  - and hence are more subject to the continual deformation as shown in the above image) .

The new version, builds on the strengths of the earlier version. it offers the same superb aero gains by virtue of the excellent 42mm deep semi U shaped rim . But this year there are also new decal and new spoke choices also.

Aero wheels effectively offer free speed on the flats and descents and with the NEW K1-42A TOUGH we've bought this aero advantage within reach of many more riders.


Technical Specification
RIM 42mm deep  BLACK aluminium welded 6082 - triple wallled for strength
HUB Miche Steel Sealed
BEARINGS Sealed bearing hubs
SPOKES 14x2  paired  2-cross spokes Front/Rear
NIPPLES Brass - Ni coated
RIM TAPES Included
WEIGHT Front 940grams. Rear 1180 grams
Suggested max rider weight:  130kg


 Shipping Weight / Product Code

Weight: 4kg


Based on 10 reviews
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Iain Gillespie - London
Was looking around for carbon wheels and then I saw these. They did a good selling job with what they wrote as I was a bit nervous about carbon wheel strength anyway - so it touched a nerve. I love these wheels. had them only 2 months so can't comment on long term durability yet - but they are still so true and really feel incredibly strong when riding them over bad roads etc. Bought them to race on but have to say that they are on my bike 24/7 already!
Mr R Walsh - Northumberland
Wanted a strong set of aero wheels for our dreadful roads. Ability to go for a 28 rear spoking was a clincher for me. Took longer than they said they would to build (12 days so not bad but they did say 7 days). Wheels are really very good and attract admiring comments too. Stiff and fast.
Diego Castro - London
Wheels as expected, great service and fluent communication from the beginning.
Paul Mcdowell - Newbury
I wanted a light yet sturdy deep section wheel set which wasn't going to cost the world and what I got surpassed all my expectations, from Andy assisting me in developing the wheels I wanted (deep section with race spokes) right through to the delivery, the whole process was brilliant. As for the wheels themselves, again just brilliant, fast rolling, strong and very responsive, wheels I was able to trust right from the start, in a nutshell absolutely fantastic in every aspect.
Geoff Aucott - .
Climbed Alp d'Huez twice and Col de la Croix de Fer in June this year on the 42 toughs. Not really climbing wheels i suppose as heavy but so am I :-D Had great confidence in them especially on the descents :-).
James Cunningham - South Ireland
Very nice wheels look great and strong can’t go wrong with buying a set of these I’m even thinking of getting another set for my other bike.
Geoff - Staines
Hey Andy, just back from the trip and the 42 toughs withstood the Paris - Roubaix and Flanders cobbles amazingly. Happy if you want to use these words for your website! Regards Geoff Shaw (Staines Surrey)
Steve - Laois Ireland
Excellent wheels. . Very happy with them.. have had 600km spins plus all the training. . Very solid and free rolling.
Adam Brophy - Cork, Ireland
I wanted to write to congratulate you on the wheels I bought recently. They are fantastic. I mean they're not lightweight or particularly flash looking, but they're indestructible. I bought them cos I had recently destroyed a Mavic Cosmic carbon wheel on a shitty west Cork road and wanted something more rugged. Anyway, about three weeks ago I was finishing my Sunday group spin and coming back into Clonakilty (where I live) after about 100k of a proper ding-dong, bish bash group ride. We were in high spirits and probably hit the hill into town too fast. I was tight on the wheel of the bike in front doing about 60k when I ploughed into a pothole and went over the handlebars. Hit the deck hard, rolled, and miraculously came to without being hammered by a car coming up the hill who manage to stop about three feet from my face. I was blessed. Road rash everywhere, elbow badly beaten up, but nothing broken. I don't know how I walked away but somebody/thing was looking out for me. All my gear was shredded and the bike was farked. Top tube of my Canyon Aeroad cracked all the way through. But, and this beggars belief, the wheels were unscathed. I presumed the front would be bent at 90 degrees after the force of the hit, but not a bit of it. Not even scratched. The tyre had been ripped away and the tube exploded, but the wheel was and still is, perfect. Absolutely true. I've had to write off the Canyon but the wheels are now on my old Cube training bike which I'll be riding for the foreseeable! #skinted So, Andy, thank you for building bulletproof wheels. Might have actually saved my life. Adam
Dean Sibthorpe - Malvern
The best wheels I have ever had, they've survived a crash in a race and many miles of brutal winter training. On training rides and in road races I'm always comfortably cruising past others on freewheeling descents. I'm not a particularly heavy rider either (11st 3lbs).