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1 inch conversion kit: All you need to convert your bike

1 inch conversion kit: All you need to convert your bike


1 inch conversion kit: All you need to convert your bike from its old threaded steerer forks (or indeed if it already has a threadless fork but you just want to replace it and the headset etc!).

Kit includes forks/headset/stem/spacers!

We've had so many people buying 1 inch forks from us who also needed all the bits that go with them that we thought it would be sensible to offer a sensibly specced and sensibly priced kit to convert older bikes with threaded 1 inch steerer to a modern carbon 1 inch ahead setup.

So here it is. Simply choose what you need from the drop down menu and ignore what you don't need :

It goes without saying that doing this conversions yourself is only a job that should be attempted by a competent home-mechanic with the proper training and tools. If you're at all unsure about installation then buy the kit and take it to your bike shop!

1. choose your forks (all have 300mm steerer)

2. We offer universal 1 inch headsets - simply choose yes or no

3. choose your stem ( range of lengths) - YOU WILL NEED A SPACER SHIM TO FIT YOUR NEW FORKS UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE A STEM FOR 1 inch forks.

4. Choose how many carbon spacers you need - normally 3 is spot on

5. Do you need a spacer shim - this makes your 1 inch fork compatible with our stems or indeed any other modern stme (whihc all now have 1 and 1/8th inch diameter at the fork end. You may be luck y and have an Ahead stem that is 1 inch at the fork end - but they are now impossible to source!

If you need to contact us to discuss anything then please just give us a call


We specialise in top quality 1 inch forks and have done so for almost 10 years now.  Our range includes 4 model types of Kinetic-One 1 Inch carbon road forks.  Manufactured for us by Advanced International Multitech of Taiwan - For many many years an industry leader in bike composite technologies.

You can purchase these forks either in kit form with any or all the associated parts needed (see drop down list) on you can purchase them on their own .

 Shipping Weight 

Weight: 1kg


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