Custom Built British Aero Wheels

2020 Range arrives!

Welcome to Kinetic-One. We've been hand building carbon and alloy aero bike wheels in the UK for almost 20 years. Our new 2020 range is now available.....

This means the latest tech and the newest innovations. How about the world's first deep section tubeless alloy wheels (disc and rim brake) .... and what we are already touting as possibly the world's fastest alloy's! (must stop bragging .. it's just over-excitement really!)

It also means it's a great time for bargain hunters! We are now clearing our remaining 2019 stocks. See Clearance Section>>> 

We feel our 2 decades serving road cyclists, time triallists, triathletes and leisure riders - with fully "custom built to order" products -  makes us pretty unique.

Have a look at our customers bike too!

Our carbon road bike wheels and carbon TT triathlon wheels are built to order and we can assist you in choosing the right options to suit your event, riding style and of course your budget. Our semi-deep road and sportive wheels and our deep section alloy wheels are built with the same range of spec choices as our carbon wheels. We make no inflated claims about our wheels: What makes a rider faster for longer is not about crazy marketing claims - It is purely about tailoring each set of wheels to each customer. That means great components, built with expertise and care. For some customers that means the most aerodynamic triathlon bike wheels. For others that means the lightest sportive wheels. For others still that means super tough road disc brake wheels. Our commitment has and will always be to make the best wheelset for each rider and to back it up with great service and support for life.